These Are the Korean Dramas You Should Watch If You Miss Weightlifting Fairy

by Mira Blancada   |  Feb 5, 2017
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We know that you you deeply miss Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and we're pretty sure that you're currently tweeting MBC network to make a second season. That's how much you can't get enough of this drama, but sometimes you just really have to let go. Sucks, right? So we made a list of K-dramas that you can watch to satisfy your WFKBK-less days ATM. 

  1. Cheese in the Trap

(For when you miss Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk) 

We all loved Lee Sung Kyung as Kim Bok Joo, but get ready to hate her in this drama as she portrays jealous and manipulative girl Baek In Ha. It feels weird to see Lee Sung Kyung act as an antagonist, but she really did so well! This drama has been a success in South Korea because of its realistic representation of the life of university students. Plus, Nam Joo Hyuk is also here! He portrays Kwon Eun Taek, the lead girl's best friend. Sadly, our suhweeeg couple were not paired here but at least we can still see some foreshadowing scenes with these two!

  1. Doctors



(For when you want more of Lee Sung Kyung) 

Another one for the kontrabida Lee Sung Kyung! Unlike in Cheese In The Trap, she's a mellow antagonist here as she portrays Jin Seo Woo—friends turned enemies with Yoo Hye Jung, a successful neurosurgeon played by Park Shin Hye. They may be frenemies here but in real life, these two are the closest of friends. This drama has been a hit and was a top-rated Korean series during its run.

  1. She Was Prettyçok-güzel-de?il-mi

(For when you need another rom-com)

This drama represents the life behind a fashion magazine. So if you dream of working for a magazine, then this drama is definitely worth watching. And you'll also fall in love with Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon's undeniable chemistry as they portray childhood sweethearts Kim Hye Jin and Ji Sung Joon.

  1. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

(For when you can't get enough of Nam Joo Hyuk)

If you're into historical dramas, then this one's for you. The story revolves around a 25-year-old girl named Go Ha Jin which was played by IU, who was transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty where she was known as Hae Soo. She met the ruling Wang family, and was unconsciously involved in the princes' rivalry for the throne. Nam Joo Hyuk wasn't one of the main characters here, but he played one of the princes—the 13th prince Wang Baek Ah.

  1. Full House 

(For when you want a pioneer rom-com K-drama) 

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Considered as the drama that popularized romantic-comedy genre in Korean dramas, Full House became a really big hit during its time. When a cheerful girl and an egotistical guy live involuntarily together because of her tricky best friends, it transforms into a drama full of laughs and good time. Plus, you have to watch Song Hye Kyo and Rain in their breakout roles! 

  1. We Broke Up

(For when you want to start watching web dramas)

This may not be considered as a K-drama because it was a web series, but this 10-episode web series was a success! Plus, Sandara Park's here! The drama represents the life of a young couple living together, but end up breaking up with each other. What will happen if exes continue living together? Watch this drama to find out.

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