There's A New Apocalypse Rom-Com TV Show You've Got to Check Out

The end of the world is the best reason to seize the day!
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Oct 10, 2016
Image: The CW
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What would you do if you only had eight months and 12 days until a ginormous asteroid wipes out the human race? This is the interesting premise of the new TV show No Tomorrow, which is much more lighthearted and romantic than the bleak title lets on. Here are four reasons why you should definitely check it out!


  1. This is quite possibly the cutest, most charming version of the apocalypse you'll ever see on TV. Xavier Holliday's glass is always half full, so after failing in his attempts to talk to NASA about his calculations and warn people about the impending catastrophe, the former science magazine copyeditor decides to make the most of the time he has left. He spends his days ticking off items from his "Apocalyst," which contains every wrong he wants to right and every fantasy he’s ever had, like "run with the bulls, touch the North Pole, and find hot rutabaga girl from the farmers market," which brings us to...
  1. The electric chemistry between the two leads. "Hot rutabaga girl" is Evie Covington, an awkward, career-oriented girl whose lists are more of the to-do list type. She's been crushing hard on Xavier ever since he introduced himself to her at the farmers market as "Xavier with an X," which in her mind means he's saying he's single. (Haha!) She's promised herself that she would live her life and do her ~thang and just let fate work its magic. And one day it does, in the form of a delivery package for Xavier mistakenly delivered to her place. Now armed with a legit excuse to knock on his door—unlike her work friend's suggestion to buy his address online!—she seizes the day and finds out Xavier is way cooler than her idea of him. She also finds out that she's been on his mind for as long as he has been on hers. Teehee!

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  1. Carpe the diem all day, every day. When a guy shows you his 223-slide presentation about the end of the world, it tends to be a deal breaker. But Xavier is so charming and chill about it that you (and Evie) can't help but wonder if he's on to something. Only time will tell if he's right about the apocalypse, but as of this moment, he's living the life. And that is exactly what Evie, who's feeling pressured at work and at home, needs right now. But when Xavier takes things a little too far, too fast, she’s quick to tell him that she will be seizing the day at her own pace, thank you very much.
  1. This isn't your typical rom-com. Apocalypse angle aside, one of Evie's work friends sets the tone early on: "Don't be one of those women defined by their quest to find a guy. It's boring." Since we've got the will-they-or-won't-they settled in the first episode, we're hopeful that the show will go on to flesh out the two leads and the supporting characters. Everyone's got a story to tell, and if Xavier's right, we've only got eight months and x number of days left!

What would be on your "Apocalyst"? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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