The Vampire Diaries By The Numbers

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Oct 31, 2014
ART Steph Yapnayon, PHOTOS The CW
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Go to Google and you'll read of rumors that this season, the 6th one, could be the last one for The Vampire Diaries. After Ian Somerhalder's (Damon Salvatore) statement, fans began thinking that this may really be good-bye for them.

The CW is yet to say something about this, but we're hoping each character in the story gets his own happy ending in case the rumors are true. So while we're busy watching the latest season, we're also trying to relive our fave moments from the show... by the numbers.

The Vampire Diaries By The Numbers


6 seasons
22 episodes for each season
43 minutes—average length of each episode
7 original vampires—6 belong to the Mikaelson family (Mikael, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, Finn, and Niklaus) and the last one is Alaric Saltzman, an enhanced original vampire, Esther Mikaelson created when she did the Immortality Spell again and bound Alaric's life to Elena.

3 doppelgangers for Elena Gilbert—Amara, Tatia Petrova, Katerina Petrova a.k.a. Katherine Pierce
2 doppelgangers for Stefan Salvatore—Silas and Tom Avery
**There are 2 known types (so far!) of doppelgangers: the Petrovas and the Salvatores. While they live in different places and are born in different centuries, the doppelgangers usually find their way back to each other thanks to destiny.

The Playlist

In case you haven't noticed, TVD uses the most beautiful songs to give us more feels for important moments in each episode. Find out how many times a few of your fave musicians' songs were used in the series below.

5 Sara Bareilles: "Gravity" (S01E02 and S05E04), "Come Home" (S02E01), "Breathe Again" (S02E04), and "Satellite Call" (S05E03)

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3 A Fine Frenzy: "Stood Up" (S01E06), "Ashes and Wine" (S02E03), and "It's Alive" (S04E06)

3 Birdy: "Skinny Love" (S02E21), "Shelter" (S03E03), and "Without a Word" (S05, E04)

3 Lorde: "Bravado" (s05E13), "Royals" (S05E01), and "The Love Club" (S05E10)

2 Ed Sheeran: "Give Me Love" (S03E14) and "Kiss Me" (S04E07)

2 Florence + The Machine: "Cosmic Love" (S01E11) and "Never Let Me Go" (S03E19)

2 Ellie Goulding: "Everytime You Go" (S01E22) and "Burn" (S05E02)

Source: The Vampire Diaries Wiki

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