The Ticket

Lights, Camera, Action! Are you into chick flicks, unbelievable action stunts, or mindless comedies? Find out what movie genre you belong to. by Lianne Mirano
  |  Apr 5, 2008
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You want to find out what other people think of you so you pass around a slam book. According to your friend, you are
outgoing, athletic, confident.
funny and easy to talk to.
pretty, sweet, popular.
smart, unique, interesting.
You feel most comfortable wearing
a bohemian blouse, slacks, and funky flip flops.
shorts, a t-shirt, and sneaks.
jeans and loose tee.
a skirt, cute blouse, and sandals.
Which book would you buy (if you haven't already)?
Princess Diaries
Griffin and Sabine
Wuthering Heights
The Da Vinci Code
Your favorite Friends character is
none of them. You don't watch Friends.
Lost in Translation is one of the greatest movies of all time!
No way!
Your favorite colors are
none of the above.
red and navy blue.
yellow and orange.
pink and purple.
Your barkada is figuring out what to do for the upcoming holiday. You suggest
nothing. You'd rather stay in and read a good book.
going to Enchanted Kingdom.
throwing a soirée!
rock climbing or karting.
Your favorite actor is
Colin Farell.
Brad Pitt.
Ewan McGregor.
Ben Stiller.

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