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The Things Gabbi Garcia Learned From Battling Her Insecurities

She had to learn how to get through the bullying to become stronger now.

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The Things Gabbi Garcia Learned From Battling Her Insecurities

Despite their picture-perfect lifestyles, celebrities are actually just like us: They’re normal girls who have insecurities about the way they look, too. Case in point: millennial it girl Gabbi Garcia, who used to feel insecure about her brown skin and her flat chest when she was starting out in showbiz. Luckily, she’s moved on from being unhappy about her appearance and has become a voice for body positivity and beauty in diversity. Below, some of the lessons Gabbi learned that helped her love herself, which she revealed during Pantene’s #StrongerNow media launch on September 11.

  1. How she learned to love her looks

Gabbi used to get bullied because of her skin color, mostly from bashers online. Gabbi has noticed that the showbiz industry prizes a different standard of beauty from her own, but the 19-year-old stunner powered through by embracing her looks, ultimately making her more confident about herself. “I was this chubby little morena-chinita girl, out of place in all the auditions. I got rejected all the time. Growing up in the industry, I realized that there is so much more to me. I learned to really own how I look because I realized I’m in this position where I can help other girls who feel the same way I did and turn their insecurities into self-love.”

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  1. How she learned to take negative comments

Gabbi was already insecure about being morena, and it didn’t help that bashers weren’t shy about letting her know what they thought: that she doesn’t deserve to be a celebrity because she doesn’t fit people’s idea of a celebrity. “It eventually came to a point where I started to question my worth. Am I worth people’s time and attention?” Gabbi eventually learned how to shrug off all the negative things being said about her and focused on finding strength within herself.  “It’s okay to look different and be different as long as you’re doing something good and you’re staying true to who you are. If you start accepting yourself, your flaws and your imperfections, no one can really bring you down. Being different is not a bad thing. It’s actually amazing because it makes you unique.

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  1. How she learned to be a role model

Being in the spotlight can be tough for a lot of people, and now that she’s one of the country’s most well-loved young artists, Gabbi often feels the need to always be perfect. “Knowing the impact I have on people, there’s pressure to never make a mistake and always set a good example, but despite that, it’s a role I’d very much like to embrace. My platform as a celebrity gives me the chance to speak up, to speak my mind, to share positivity with everybody especially people my age who might be able to relate to me. Being an inspiration to all the girls out there is such a big deal to me. It pushes me, it motivates me to become a better woman as well.

Gabbi has truly been on a journey to overcome her insecurities, and we could learn a thing or two about becoming stronger from her. “As long as you accept yourself, you won’t be bothered by anybody saying negative things about you. No one can really crush you.”

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