The Scouting for Girls-Candy Handbook

Indie pop band Scouting for Girls gives you seven rules to live by.
by Marla Miniano   |  Mar 23, 2010
photo courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment
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The trio behind the infectious hit "Elvis Ain't Dead" got their name as a result of the wordplay on Scouting for Boys, the handbook for Boy Scouts published in the early 1900s. "We figured the phrase Scouting for Girls defines the whole process of growing up and experiencing love and heartbreak," bassist Greg tells us over the phone. We, on the other hand got hooked on the band instantly and figures we should give you this (drumroll, please!): An Official Handbook to Life Brought to You by Candy in Cooperation with Scouting For Girls. Just so we can do that—you know, use Candy and Scouting For Girls in the same sentence.

Rule#1 Thou Shalt Be Yourself.

You have a really catchy song called "She's So Lovely." What makes a girl lovely?

I think any girl who's happy being herself is lovely.

Rule#2: Thou Shalt Not Cling To False Hopes.


What's the inspiration behind "Elvis Ain't Dead"?

Our vocalist Roy read an article in a magazine about a group of Elvis fans who still believed The King was alive and actually working in a Wal-Mart! He saw it as good metaphor for unrequited love, when you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and still keep on believing that they're coming back.

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Rule#3: Thou Shalt Not Sugarcoat.

Aside from "It's Not You, It's Me," what are the lines girls should never say to boys? What's the best way to turn someone down?

I think "I'm leaving you for your best friend" is pretty much one line you have to avoid. Haha! The best way to turn someone down is to just be honest and direct.

Rule#4: Thou Shalt Start Early.

How did the band get together?

Roy and I met in school when we were 11, and he and Pete met as Cub Scouts when they were eight years old. We've been playing music for a long time now, but the band was officially formed three years ago. We've always wanted to make music, and we feel privileged to be doing it professionally.


Rule#5: Thou Shalt Appreciate The Little Things.

What's the best compliment you've received from a fan?

I think the fact that they buy our record and come to our shows is already a huge compliment in itself.

Rule#6: Thou Shalt Develop Awesome Taste.

Who are your musical idols?

I was heavily influenced by the whole explosion of Brit pop in the '90s—bands like Blur, Oasis, and Suede. I'm also a big Stevie Wonder fan, and I would love to have written any song of his. I know Roy has always liked REM.

Rule#7: Thou Shalt Support SFG—And Buy Their Album.

Your message for your fans in Asia?

Please listen to our happy pop tunes, and if you like what you hear, go tell your friends! We hope to come out there soon to play a good show for you.

Check out the video for their latest single "This Ain't a Love Song."
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