The Movie Characters Who Shouldn't Be Your Role Models When Handling Money

Unless you want to say, "RIP, wallet."
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 8, 2016
Image: Walt Disney ART Clare Magno
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Ever watched a movie or a TV series and wondered how in the world the characters afford all these designer clothes and accessories or a glamorous lifestyle in a big city with just one job or no job at all? We totally get ya, Candy Girls, because we've been wondering too.

In our mission to help you get started on being wise about handling your money, we've rounded up a few movie and TV characters who should not be your when it comes to how you handle your money. Hope this helps, Candy Girls!

  1. Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

There have already been a lot of articles online about how Carrie Bradshaw is able to pay for her chic New York apartment, buy all these branded things, and live a glamorous lifestyle with a writing job. Ask any writer you know and they can attest that this career doesn't pay much, so how does she do it? If SATC were real life, she'd probably be in credit or living off with the help of her friends (which she does in some episodes). In short, it's not possible. Add to that the fact that she encounters monitary problems sometimes and still considers shopping as a way to make herself feel better.

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  1. Rebecca BloomwoodConfessions of a Shopaholic

Rebecca's spending habits and the use of her credit card will scare the life out of you and make you stay away from your card for a while. TBH, it's not a bad idea to treat yourself to nice things... once in a while and as long as you stay within your means. But Rebecca spent and spent on designer clothes, bags, shoes, etc. that she forgot to pay her bills and ended up selling most of the things she owned just to pay them up.

  1. RobinHow to be Single

Robin is the life of the party, and that's how she teaches Alice how to be single. It's good that they're having fun and living their lives, but we can't help but wonder how they're able to pay for all their night outs and live in NYC at the same time. In the end, it was revealed in the movie that Robin is filthy rich which she says happens when you live off your friends. Uhm.

  1. Jenny, Happy Christmas

You can be irresponsible when you're young, but when you've already grown and graduated from college, you're expected to pull your life together and find a job that can pay for your own bills. That doesn't happen to Jenny, though, because instead of trying to get her act together, she lives with her brother's family and ends up shaking up their life while "having fun."

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