The Korean Reality Shows You Should Start Watching ASAP

by Mira Blancada   |  Mar 5, 2017
Image: SBS
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What's another good thing about the Korean entertainment industry? It's their reality shows! Sometimes, reality shows can be really dramatic and exaggerated when it comes to representing the "real" world. And forgetting what reality is can be nice, too! But what we like most about K-reality shows is that they're entertaining yet they're mellow. They don't go overboard with the things they air, and that's why a lot of people really enjoy them!

  1. Running Man

The show that started the K-reality show craze in Asia, especially in the Philippines. Running Man has celebrity guests like Park Shin Hye, Song Joong Ki, Choi Min Ho, and 2NE1 that will compete (or be formed as a group) with the Running Man members. They will be required to complete different missions and tasks. There will also be eliminations and whoever wins takes home the prize. Every episode is certainly exciting!

  1. We Got Married

You think K-Dramas are the only one that can make you kilig? Nope. We Got Married is a whole different story because it's not just about two characters who fell in love; they actually pair up two celebrities that you never thought can actually be a good married couple... in real life! Although it's just a marriage that was set up and there are basically missions for the couple to complete, it's still cute! SNSD's Seo Hyun and CNBlue's Yong Hwa were one of the most popular couples to be in the show. 

  1. The Return of Superman

If you love kids, this will make your day! The Return of Superman gives mothers a chance to unwind, while the celebrity dads take over for them. The dads need to complete the tasks their wives give them and actually spend most of their time with their children. There will also be interviews, and visits from the celebrities' friends every now and then. Who could resist such adorable kids?

  1. Infinity Challenge

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This is the epitome of K-reality shows. Infinity Challenge has been tagged as the nation's variety show because of its success since its first airing. What we love most about this show is its fun and entertaining mood. Famous celebrities (or groups) like BIGBANG, EXO, and IU have appeared on the show.

  1. Happy Together

This show is known as the one of the most popular shows in Korea ever since its first airing! Over the years, fans have always been requesting their favorite Korean celebrities to appear on the show because of its pure, funny entertainment that still makes sense. LOL! They chat with their celebrity guests, and make them share some funny moments they've experienced.

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