The Jonas Brothers On K-Pop, One Direction, and Their World Tour

Kevin, Joe, and Nick sit down before their big performance in New York, kicking off their comeback into the music scene as a band.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Oct 13, 2012
photo via Fuse
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The Jonas Brothers sat down to do this interview before their big comeback at the Radio City Music Hall. It's their first performance after about a year from their last project together, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. Click play to see what the boys had to say.

On being reunited
Joe Jonas shares, "I feel like playing new music and getting onstage again. It feels like a little bit more relaxed than it's been before." While it used to be about stage gags, they "want to make it more about the music." Expect them to be playing instruments this time around rather than run around the stage.

On their evolving style
Joe says they've been trying to find inspiration in different styles of music. Nick Jonas notes, "We really are now in control of our destiny and what happens next." He says that although they've always written their music, they now get to produce, write, and decide how they want to release the record.


On K-Pop Music
The brothers reveal that they've met Psy and that they know the Wondergirls who opened for them in 2009. Nick thinks K-Pop is awesome. "They understand pop music and how to connect to people," he shares.

On their favorite One Direction songs
Nick shares that he loves "What Makes You Beautiful." "It's a great pop song. I'm happy for them," he says. Kevin Jonas admits he likes the boys' latest single, "Live While We're Young."

On their big tour next year
They're adding Asia and Russia into their list of places to visit later this year (including the Philippines, yay!), but they're gearing up for a big tour next year.

Are you coming to see them next week when they take the stage at the Mall of Asia Arena? Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite Jonas Brothers song is!

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