The ~*Issues*~ That Broke Our Justin-Selena Lovin' Hearts

We just can't seem to let go of this OTP.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 4, 2016
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We've been shipping Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez for as long as we can remember. But lately, and with all the ~*issues*~ surrounding their on-and-off relationship, we don't know how to feel about them getting back together anymore. :'(

Since we're having a hard time keeping track of the controversies that involve these two, we've decided to create a list of the ~*issues*~ that broke our Jelena-lovin' hearts below—something to sort of convince us that maybe it's not wise for them to be together. Huhu.

1. Selena responds to Justin's photo with rumored girlfriend Sofia Richie

The fight online got too ugly that The Biebs decided to deactivate his Instagram account. He also allegedly accused Sel of cheating on him with Zayn, though we kind of doubt that because we can't even verify if those "screenshots" of their convo are legit.

2. Justin shared old photos of him and Selena.

We really didn't know if this was the time he was reportedly trying to win her back or The Biebs was just having a bad case of nostalgia, but it was bittersweet to see those photos again. There was even a time when they were reportedly flirting with each other on Instagram.

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3. Selena got together with Zedd.

When news broke out that Zedd and Sel were seeing each other, we couldn't be happier for her. But when we found out that during this time, she was still hanging out with The Biebs, we got a bit confused. Zelena really looked great together and we wish they stayed with each other.

4. Sel confirms that "The Heart Wants What It Wants" is about The Biebs.

After the release of her heartbreaking hit from her album Revival, Sel admitted in an interview that the song was indeed about her famous ex. It was brave of her to finally come out in the open and talk about her experience, inspiring other people who are going through the same thing to let go eventually.

5. Justin admits he tried to cover up his Selena tattoo.

The "Sorry" hitmaker admitted in his cover interview with GQ that he did try to cover up his tatt, inspired by his ex, but people still knew who it was about. Of course we'll always remember that. Removing tatts about your loved on from your body, to us, is the ultimate form of finally getting over The Ex. Huhu.


Which Justin-Selena issue broke your hearts? Leave a comment below or tweet us @candymagdotcom. We always love hearing from you. :)

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