The Flash-Supergirl Musical Crossover Is Everything You Wanted and More

by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Mar 30, 2017
Image: Darren Criss | Art: Clare Magno
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It's always a blast whenever superhero crossovers take place in The Flash-Supergirl verse (remember this?). Last week's musical crossover had our heroes breaking into song and tap dancing, which makes it one of our favorite episodes of all time. Here are a few reasons why it worked so well.

  1. Cue music. Mostly set in Barry Allen's turf, the episode brings together The Flash, Supergirl, and new baddie Music Meister, who puts our heroes in a musical dreamland. Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist, and Darren were Gleeks in their past life, so it was absolutely the perfect time to add a musical element to the show. And all out they went—Barry's romantic solo, "Runnin' Home to You," was written by La La Land's Benj Pasek and Justin Paul...

...while Barry and Kara's cheeky duet was co-written by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star and co-creator Rachel Bloom.

  1. The theater life. Other characters also get a chance to shine since the actors who play them have theater/musical backgrounds: you’ll remember Jeremy Jordan (Winn) from Newsies, Smash, and The Last Five Years; Jesse L. Martin (Joe) from Rent; and Carlos Valdes (Cisco) from StarKid Productions. Victor Garber (Professor Stein) and John Barrowman (Malcolm), who have been in basically everything musical and geeky, also deliver amazing performances. With that much musical talent in the cast, it was really just a matter of time till they made a musical episode.

  1. Small, small world. With Glee's Zach Woodlee in charge of choreography, it was really like being transported back to McKinley High for Grant, Melissa, and Darren. But the connections don't end there: Darren and Carlos went to the same university and worked on StarKid projects like A Very Potter Musical, while Grant studied musical theater with Chris Wood (Mon-El). All that history and friendship bleed into the show’s vibe, creating a feel-good hour of entertainment.

  1. The Darren factor. As expected, Darren brings his A-game, blowing us away with his smooth, pitch-perfect performance. He clearly has a ball with this character, and we hope to see him again. Darren co-wrote the music and lyrics of A Very Potter Musical, so we'd love to have him return and work his magic in this super universe—which is something he's open to. Maybe next time Julian Dorn a.k.a. Tom Felton a.k.a. Draco Malfoy could join the fun, too? Darren played Harry Potter in AVPM, and it would be amazing to see them together onscreen!

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  1. Jump right in. Even if you haven't kept up with The Flash and/or Supergirl, you can easily follow the crossover storyline—although you'd be spoiled re: two major romantic developments—so catch up or re-watch! Here's the Music Meister making his own version of heart eyes to convince you (as if Darren needs any help making his eyes sparkle more).
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