A Non-Diehard Superhero Fan’s Review of "The Flash" Movie

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by Lea Briones   |  Jun 15, 2023
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Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen a lot of superhero movies, both from DC and Marvel. I also had those Suicide Squad and Endgame phases where I tried my best to understand the whole cinematic universe. Looking back, I thought, “Who was she?” As a romcom-loving and horror movie-obsessed film watcher, anything with action is a bit too mediocre for me. That’s also probably because I relate it to my Dad’s hyper-masculine taste in movies (No offense, Dad). 

I’m not a huge diehard fan who has read every comic book or watched all the movies and series. Nevertheless, I know how to appreciate a good superhero story. Andy Muschietti’s The Flash is one of those movies that you could still understand even without watching the other DC installments. It could stand alone as a good introduction to the world of DC Comics. While it had the same old action elements, it’s also a mix of comedy, family relationships, legal drama, as well as coming-of-age lessons. 


Candy Movie Review: The Flash

A Young Adult-Turned-Superhero

I have actually watched a few scenes of Grant Gustin’s portrayal of  Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, as my brother took an interest in watching all the DC series. Hence, I could tell the huge differences in their personalities. Ezra Miller’s portrayal in the movie is a bit immature and anxious compared to how the character was seen in the series and comics. Not to say it’s a bad thing, but rather an accurate interpretation of a fast superhero who was hit by lightning. 

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Given Ezra’s take on the role, I could easily compare him to Tom Holland’s Spiderman. Although Barry is not really a teenager like his counterpart, he’s rather a young adult enduring a mid-life crisis. Either way, he also struggles to admit that he can’t save everyone even if he can go back in time. Both of their immature decisions eventually caused a huge disaster between space and time.

The Two Barry Allens


Speaking of space and time, the movie also centered on the existence of the multiverse. With his super speed, Barry is able to run faster than the speed of light to the point of ultimately reaching a new dimension and traveling back in time. In this movie, he got stuck in another universe after trying to change the events that led to his mother’s death. This is where he met his other self ? an 18-year-old laidback Barry who has yet to get his power. 

For some reason, multiverses have been a common theme for a lot of superhero movies. Not only does it shows the awesome impossibility of traveling back in time, but it also teaches a valuable lesson on regret, grief, and acceptance. Young superheroes usually make the mistake of underestimating the universe’s timeline. Just like common Gen Zs, they live in naive optimism that they could drastically change the world. So here’s Nora Allen’s (Barry’s mom) word of advice: “Not every problem has a solution. Sometimes we have to let go.”


Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No, it’s Supergirl! 

Finally, a Supergirl movie debut! Kara Zor-El (soon to be Kara Danvers), played by Sasha Calle, appeared in the movie as a prisoner after ending up on Earth to find her cousin, Kal-El, a.k.a. Superman. Of course, this all happened in the other universe Barry ended up in. 


But this one does not look like your conventional Supergirl. What makes this portrayal extra special is the fact that Sasha is the first Latina actress to play the part. She’s looking much more like a badass type of Supergirl, if you ask me. 

It’s Giving DC Fan Service


In this other universe, Barry finds a different Batman—an older hermit-looking Batman played by Michael Keaton. Fans surely felt nostalgic as the 1989 version of Bruce Wayne appeared on the screen instead of the Batman we saw earlier played by Ben Affleck

But that’s not all! Everyone in the theater applauded in awe as some of the former Batman and Superman makes a cameo in the film. It kind of reminds me of the recent Spiderman movie as well, but who’s complaining? Even if I’m not a huge fan, this iconic moment is worth celebrating. 

Don’t miss out on DC’s newest film, The Flash! Showing in cinemas nationwide starting this June 14. 

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