A List of Liam Hemsworth's Rumored GFs After First Breakup with Miley

Remember those times?
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jan 6, 2017
Image: Lionsgate Films Art: Naomi Torrecampo
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2016 was a wonderful year for couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Since they got together after breaking up for a while, things have only gotten better for these two lovebirds. That's why we couldn't believe that they were separated for a while.

Today, we look back at some of the ladies who were linked to Liam while he and Miley were away from each other. Proof that there really is a reason why it will never work out with anyone else—except the person who's meant for you.

  1. January Jones

Rumors started to go around in 2013 that the actor dated January even before his split with Miley in 2013. (via USMagazine.com)

  1. Eiza Gonzalez

Not even a day after his split with Miley made the headlines, Liam was spotted sharing a kiss with the Mexican singer-actress. (via EOnline.com)

  1. Nina Dobrev

While Liam was in Atlanta filming for The Hunger Games, the actor was spotted meeting up with Nina in a bar. Eyewitnesses even said that they shared a kiss before they parted ways. Nina was in Atlanta at that time working on The Vampire Diaries. (via DailyMail.co.uk)

  1. Jennifer Lawrence

While they were working on The Hunger Games franchise together, rumors started going around that the co-stars are dating. However, the last thing we heard about their "relationship" was that it was in the early stages and that they wanted to keep things low-key. (via GlamourMagazine.co.uk)


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