6 of Our Favorite Kisses in the Rain

The rain won't stop these kisses from happening.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 10, 2016
Image: ABS-CBN, The CW, Screen Gems
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You know what's a common scene in romance movies and TV series? Kisses in the rain. Yep, not even the rain can stop true love... or in this case, kisses from happening. Just in time for this rainy season, we've rounded up some of our favorite rain kisses below!

1. Spider-Man and Mary Jane in Spider-Man

Who wouldn't want to lock lips with a superhero, right? Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst's famous upside down kiss in Spider-Man became iconic that The OC even made their own version of it with Adam Brody's Seth and Rachel Bilson's Summer—while Oasis's "Champagne Supernova" was playing in the background, too!

2. John and Savannah in Dear John 

What's more romantic than kissing in the rain? Kissing in the foundation of a house your lady love is building to help other people, and with a romantic song playing in the background of course. In this movie, which stars Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried, the song of choice is Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk's "Paperweight."

3. Clark and Leah in On the Wings of Love 

We're not going to lie, James Reid's Clark and Nadine Lustre's Leah's endless pushing and pulling just annoyed the life out of us. This kiss, though, made us hope for the best for these two. Still, it ended unfortunately as reality knocked on their heads and reminded them of how they're supposed to act around each other.

4. Damon and Elena in The Vampire Diaries

After Ian Somerhalder's Damon discovers that Nina Dobrev's Elena was compelled to forget everything about him, he goes on a trip down memory lane and remembers his epic rain kiss with the love of his life. It's bittersweet and Tom Odell's "Another Love" in the background doesn't help keep our feels at bay.

5. Noah and Allie in The Notebook

Who would forget Ryan Gosling's Noah and Rachel McAdams's Allie's iconic rain kiss in this Nicholas Sparks movie adaptation? They even recreated it during the 2005 MTV Movie Awards when they won that year's Best Kiss.


6. Austin and Sam in A Cinderella Story

After a long drought in San Fernando Valley, Chad Michael Murray's Austin and Hilary Duff's Sam bring back the rain with a single kiss while Jimmy Eat World's "Hear Me Now" plays during the entire scene. D'aww!

Did we miss your favorite? Leave a comment below or tweet us @candymagdotcom. We always love hearing from you. :)

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