The Art Of Responsible Fangirling

Know the fine line between fangirling and obsession.
by Bea Marin   |  Oct 1, 2013
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To the Beliebers or Directioners, Teen Wolf or The Vampire Diaries fanatics, or the fangirls of our local celebrities—it's time to find out if you are in need of a wakeup call.

  1. The Ultimate Collector. There’s nothing wrong with getting a few collectables to show how much of a fangirl you are. You can always grab their latest album, shirt, magazine or maybe their newest collaboration with a perfume! Just make sure that you aren’t spending to the point of emptying your wallet (or your parents for that matter!) and splurging on unnecessary items like, for example, their half-eaten toast on eBay!
  2. Scream My Heart Out. It’s totally understandable to go fangirl-crazy. You may jump out of kilig or shout to let the world know how much you love them. But think about this, what if you come face to face with your crush/idol? It’s always best to keep your cool around these people since they are still people. You wouldn’t want to go jumping and screaming right in front of them and totally freak them out, now would you?
  3. The Hater and The Fan. One of the most common scenarios that trigger the hater and unleash the green-eyed monster is when your idol starts dating someone! May it be the breaking of your fandom’s ship or you just simple don’t like who they’re dating. It’s normal to feel a bit jealous or not agree with what they’re up to most of the time. Come on, is there really a need to bash their gf/bf online?
  4. Stalking 101. It’s true to nature for fangirls to do research on their idols. Finding out when their birthday is, where they were born, their favorite color or food. Watching their interviews, Q&A sessions or reading a magazine/book dedicated to them. And checking out latest celeb gossip on what they’re up to is perfectly normal!  Just make sure you aren’t checking their tweets to find out where they are currently at and deliberately stalk them!
  5. Bleeding Love. There once came a trend on Twitter that encouraged fans to cut themselves as protest for their idol to stop smoking. I think everyone knows that you shouldn’t hurt yourself for whatever reason it is. The mere fact that it involves hurting is a big no-no and something you must stop doing. It won’t do you any good or prove anything.

Always remember that moderation is key! There's nothing wrong with fangirling just as long as you keep yourself in check.

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