The 7 Stages of Fangirling

How deep are you in la la land? Find out now!
by Pam Carlota   |  Oct 3, 2016
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There comes a time when you feel strongly about an idol, a celebrity, or an artist. And things just get too real when it comes to OTPs. It's time to relive those fangirling moments and ask yourself, where are you in the stages of being a fangirl?

  1. Casual meetings.

Like any relationship, it starts with that random moment of meeting in a casual setting. In fangirl world, that could be seeing them first on your computer as you go through a long list of suggested videos on YouTube. In some way, it may have been by accident and you just clicked that link without knowing you'll be meeting ~*your whole world*~ in a couple of minutes.

  1. It clicks.

This is the time when you become intrigued about a person. You start with the basics: knowing their name, age, where they come from, and what's their story. This is where your bond with them begins as you click link after link to know more about them and what they do. You marathon videos, read every interview, and before you know it, the day's ended already. You are left with dark circles around your eyes, but who cares? Thank goodness we wre born in the digital age, and everything's a click away.

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  1. The obsession.

This is where your intrigue becomes a full-blown obsession. It's where you start to know the intimate details of the love of your life, like who they're dating, the type of girls they like, or where he usually brings them for a date.

  1. Joining a fan club.

You either join one or make your own. It starts by making an alias account in any or all social media platform with a profile picture of your celebrity love and a matching username to describe your obsession. This place is a safe haven where can talk about your current love affair, read and write fanfiction, and even develop fan theories. At this point, you live without fear of being judged because there are others, like you, who have the same interest.

  1. Fan wars.

You may be in the middle of it, you might have started it, or you just came across a huge mess. This is about fans defending their idols and slaying internet trolls. But please if you're fangirling, spread love and not hate online and offline.

  1. Saying goodbye.

Like they say, "walang forever" but kudos to those who stayed true to their fandoms. As all things come to an end, so does your love for your idol. You just wake up one morning and suddenly have a million things to do so that when you come back to the fandom, you notice how much time has already passed that you don't see your love in the same way anymore. You live in denial as you rewatch every video, listen to every song, and realize that the attraction is still there but it just isn't as strong anymore.

  1. Back at one.

Didn't you know that it's a cycle? Any minute now could be your next "first casual meeting". So as they do in board games: Go back to start!

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