The 1975 From A To Z

Get to know England's latest indie band who's about to rule the airwaves worldwide!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 29, 2014
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The 1975 From A To Z


A — Adam Hann, the band's guitarist

B — Boyz II Men, something The 1975 listens to that people would be surprised to know about.

C — "Chocolate," the band's oldest song, which was voted as the #1 Hottest Record of 2013 by BBC Radio 1 listeners.

D — A diary, how they describe their self-titled album. "Our album is just kind of a diary, a scrapbook of ideas," Matt (see letter M to know who he is) explained, "We're defined by being very honest, so all of our music and all of our lyrics are as honest as possible."

E — Eighties, the kind of music they channel in their songs.

F — Four, the number of EPs they had before recording a studio album—Facedown, Sex, Music For Cars, and IV.

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G — George Daniel, the band's drummer

H — History: Want to know how they settled with their band name The 1975? Matt read a book about the beat generation before and found a scribbled date on one of the pages: 1st June. The 1975. He said in an interview with The Guardian, "At the time I just thought that the word 'The' preceding a date was a strong use of language. I never thought it would be something that would later come to be so important. When it came to naming the band, it was perfect."

I — "Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You," the song from the album that's closest to Matt's heart which is about his little brother. For Ross, it's "Menswear," George's "M.O.N.E.Y.," and Adam's "Chocolate."

J — Jet skis, what they like doing on their leisure time. "We like jet skis," George said "We're quite good [at it]."


K — Killing it in the music industry! The 1975 have garnered mainstream success in Great Britain, charting at #19 in the UK Singles chart, #9 in Ireland, and #18 in Scotland. Now, they're set to conquer the international music scene.

L — Liverpool, where they recorded their self-titled album—specifically, at Liverpool's Motor Museum.

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M — Matthew Healy, the band's vocalist and frontman.

N — On their new album: During the band's presscon for their Philippine shows at the Ayala malls, The 1975 revealed that they are now working on their new album. Matt said, "We don't really have much downtime... We never have a time off, and when we do have a time off, we're working on the new album.

O — One Direction. Did you know that they are good friends with the British boyband and that they're also working on a song together? "We're writing a song for them. We're doing them a favor," said Matt, jokingly. He later added, "I went to the studio, we met them, and we just started playing around with ideas."

P — "Pursue things for happiness" is The 1975's advice for those who want to start their own bands.

Q — Quartet. The 1975 is a four-piece band, in case you don't know yet.


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R — Ross Macdonald, the band's bassist.

S — Slashes. One of the band's "trademark" is their use of slashes in their Twitter feed or in their album. What's the story behind it? "I don't really know," Matt explained, "When we started the band, we didn't really want to be exposed. We wanted to be slightly odd. So, we placed a space in between the letters and the slashes. We very quickly realized that people started copying it. It became like a thing... Now it's out of control."


T — Ten years, number of years they have been together.

U — United Kingdom, where they came from—specifically, in Manchester.

V — Van, the first setting for their sensual song "Sex"—another must-listen track from their album.

W — Wilmslow, Cheshire, where the band was formed while they were still in high school.

X — A crossover. The 1975 was described by British music producer Mike Crossey (Keane, Two Door Cinema Club) as a crossover of electro, R&B, and 80s pop.

Y — "You" another must-listen track from the band's Sex EP.

ZZane Lowe's Hottest Record of 2013, where their song "Chocolate" beat songs from more famous musical acts like Arctic Monkeys, Muse, and Fall Out Boy.


The 1975 will have their last performances today at the new Fairview Terraces (4PM) and at the Trinoma Activity Center (7PM).

Also, don't forget to vote for them as the Best New Breakout Band (Foreign) in this year's Candy Readers' Choice Awards.

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