Taylor Swift Talks About Her New Album Speak Now

Taylor Swift goes on a morning show to talk about her latest album (have you gotten your copy yet?) and a special fan encounter.
  |  Oct 31, 2010
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Taylor Swift goes on Regis and Kelly to talk about her latest record (just released here in Manila!) Speak Now. A group of shrieking fan girls get an "I love you" from Taylor when she notices that they've got 13s written on their hands. She had written the number 13 (her lucky number) every night on her Fearless tour. "You guys are paying attention!"

She also shares how it took her 2 years to write her album, with songs written by her. Asked what her typical day is when she's not working, she says "I think my favorite thing about living this life is that there is no typical day." She continues, "being a musician, there are so many different parts of that. You're not just playing a concert every night. There are so many things that go into it. Especially with putting together this album for the last two years."

Taylor recounts one of her fan encounters. "I was actually driving around and I saw this girl wearing my tour t-shirt." She thought it was amazing, so she made a U-turn and started following the 12-year-old girl. When she walked into a video store where the girl was with her brothers, she ran up to her and gave her a big hug. "It turned out she was in Nashville because she had convinced her whole family to take a road trip from Texas to see the Bluebird Cafe where I was discovered." Aww, isn't that sweet?


See her live performance of "Mine" here.

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