6 Taylor Swift Songs That You Didn’t Know Were Actually Co-written by Joe Alwyn

Some of these songs became hits!
by Kate Detoya   |  Nov 2, 2022
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One of the most adorable low-key couples we follow is Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn. Although the two generally prefer to keep their relationship out of the public eye, there are a couple of songs they have written together under Joe’s  pseudonym William Bowery. ICYDK, Taylor acknowledged her long-time beau Joe at the 2021 Grammy Awards for giving her the best songwriting experience during quarantine. Now that Taylor released her latest album Midnights, we can add even more items to the growing list of songs they have written together.

Below, we present to you six Taylor Swift songs that were actually co-written by Joe Alwyn:

1. “Betty”

Taylor shared in Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions that she asked him if they could try writing a song when she and Joe were in quarantine. While Joe was singing the chorus, Taylor thought that an apology sounded good from a masculine perspective since she usually writes about a female wanting a male apology. Because of that, they decided to make the narrative about a teenage boy apologizing after losing the love of his life due to foolishness. 


2. “Exile”

In an exclusive interview with Apple Music, Taylor recalled the exact scenario of how they created “Exile.” Joe was playing the piano when Taylor walked in and followed the music with the verse’s melody, then she tried to come up with some gut-wrenching, heart-shattering memory to write with him. 

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3. “Evermore”

According to Taylor in the same interview, Evermore's title track is about the process of finding hope again. Similar to how Joe and Taylor made "Exile," Taylor also based the vocal melody on Joe's piano chords before they sent it to Justin Vernon, who added the bridge.

4. “Coney Island”

When Taylor was composing this alternative rock indie folk song with Joe, she pictured Coney Island as the place where thrills were once sought, like the mall before the internet took over. Written from the perspective of a couple reminiscing about a past relationship, the loss of Coney Island’s magical appeal parallels the end of a relationship that used to be everything. 


5. “Champagne Problems”

Taylor said that “Champagne Problems” actually contains one of her favorite bridges because of how it tells the whole story. The song’s concept is about long-time college sweethearts who had very different plans for the same night. One wanted to end it, while the other brought a ring.

6. “Sweet Nothing”

“Sweet Nothing” is a ballad that caresses you with Taylor’s whispery voice and the gentle keyboard rhythm. The song talks about running home to your person to be comforted by sweet nothings, away from all the outside chaos. No wonder they felt the need to write this together as a couple! 

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