Taylor Lautner Just Admitted That Back To December Was About Him

Well, it's about time!
by Janelle Yau   |  Aug 10, 2016
Image: Warner Bros. Pictures
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When you Google Taylor Swift, three things are bound to come out.

  1. Hiddleswift news. From romantic photos by the bay to theories on how this whole romance is all a publicity stunt, you name it.
  2. Who could ever forget the Kim Kardashian Snapchat takedown right?
  3. T-Swift's going back to her old roots. Literally. 

But there was a time, specifically back in 2009, when the internet, celebrity news shows, and even the big screen was all about Taylor Squared.

In case you've forgotten, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner dated a long long time ago and made a huge buzz for both Taylor Swift and Twilight fans all over the world! After Tay and Tay called it off, in true Taylor Swift tradition, T-Swift released a song called "Back To December" which everyone believed was about Taylor Lautner. And it looks like fans were absolutely right on this one!

The Scream Queens cast, John Stamos, Lea Michele, and Taylor Lautner recently held a live chat for the show's fans and during the chat, Lea Michele sneakily brought up Tsquared and T-Swift's first ever apologetic track. While Taylor L. obviously didn't want to talk about it, in true Rachel Berry fashion, Lea didn't stop with the probing. "Didn't she write a song about you? I think it's something about a sweater and a hat, right?" Taylor L. eventually gave in, and said "It's called Back to December," and confirmed every Tsquared fan's theory. 


Watch the funny clip below to see how Lea squeezed this info from Taylor.

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