8 Cute Moments Between KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad That Made Us Feel *Super Kilig*

by Leika Golez   |  Jul 25, 2022
Image: Instagram/alexailacad
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It’s no secret that KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad have a special bond with one another. The Run to Me stars, also known as KDLex to their fans, are undoubtedly the fastest-rising love team of 2022 so far. And it’s not surprising to see why, what with their heartfelt Instagram posts, kilig-inducing interviews, and undeniable on-screen chemistry. Since they already have tons of sweet moments together, we took it upon ourselves to narrow down their best ones below. Warning: Kilig feels ahead! 

1. Unlike many young couples today, KD and Alexa didn’t actually develop feelings for each other immediately. In fact, KD initially referred to Alexa as “Ate Alexa” when they were still taping Pinoy Big Brother (LOL, those were the days). It was only after their joint eviction that they realized that there was ~something more~ between them. "Basta magkatabi lang kami... wala, nakikinig lang kami ng music. Hindi kami nag-uusap... tapos ayun na. Nagkatinginan kami, tapos 'yun na," Alexa recounted in a past interview, referring to an unexpected moment that occurred last New Year’s Eve. Call us cheesy, but we think that proves they’re totes meant to be! 


2. A few weeks after they were swept up in dating rumors, KD fanned the flames further by surprising Alexa on Valentine’s Day. In an Instagram post, Alexa’s mom Divina Madarang revealed that KD’s family personally delivered a bouquet of flowers to their home at midnight. That all-white bouquet truly is stunning! 

3. Since Alexa’s 22nd birthday coincided with their first online convention, KD took that as an opportunity to publicly declare his feelings with a Cartier necklace. "I want to give [this necklace] to you because we have a concert…Since it’s a heart, it’s like I am giving you my heart," he said as he gave her the heart-shaped pendant in front of their fans. Prior to that, KD also gifted Alexa with a Cartier ring. 

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4. This pair is so adorbs that even their couple OOTDs are guaranteed to make you swoon! We’re obsessed with how they coordinate their outfits without looking too matchy-matchy or cheesy. 

5. Although Alexa usually isn’t fazed by online bashers, KD doesn’t hesitate to defend Alexa when the situation calls for it. For instance, KD once fired back at a body-shamer who likened Alexa’s body to a gas tank. 


6. Remember how sweet these two were during the Star Magic All-Star Games last May? We still can’t get over how Alexa rushed over to check on KD when she found out about his minor game injuries. Awww, so cute!

7. While KD and Alexa aren’t officially together yet, they’ve already previously confirmed that they see each other as *partner material.* More specifically, Alexa has referred to KD as “her constant” while KD has described Alexa as “girlfriend material.” 

8. If you follow KD and Alexa on Instagram, you’d already know they love posting about each other. From Alexa’s sweet birthday greeting to KD’s heartfelt gratitude letter, their IG feeds are always brimming with love and affection!


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