Struggles of a Latecomer to the #DescendantsoftheSun Party

The night is dark and full of spoilers!
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  May 12, 2016
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While practically the whole Candy team has been hooked on Descendants of the Sun since March, I just started watching the hit Korean show last week. I'm on episode 12 now and I absolutely love it, like they promised I would, back when they were still convincing me to give it a shot. It's so different from the Koreanovelas I remember watching back in high school—you tune in to DotS not just for the kilig, but also for the tightly wound storyline, the thrilling action, and the beautifully shot scenes. Although the kilig is a major part of the show's charm, of course! I'm super invested in both of the main ships, and I also love how even the supporting characters have their own stories and romantic moments.

Now you're probably like, yeah, yeah, we know all of this already. Or if you're one of the many friends who insisted that I watch the show, you're probably like, SEE, I TOLD YOU SO. Haha! So let me take this opportunity to present the struggles of a DotS fan who's pretty late to the party. Hey, better late than never, right? Look, Big Boss agrees!


  1. The whole world has moved on. Well, they haven't exactly moved on, but from your friends' perspective, so many things have happened already that it takes a while for them to recall the gravity of, say, Big Boss and Beauty's first kiss. But when they do, a squee fest is inevitable!

  2. It's tempting to forget the world and marathon everything. Because all the episodes are out already, just waiting for you to click play. Sleep, what sleep?

  3. It feels like you're forever catching up. It's always a battle between wanting to know everything right this minute and wanting to savor every episode.

  4. The night is dark and full of spoilers. A screenshot here, a GIF there—it might be better if you stay off Facebook and Tumblr unless you don't mind being spoiled!

On the other hand, who can complain about being a latecomer when it means you have a growing community ready to dissect and squeal over every scene with you, and provide you with a steady stream of GIFs, playlists, and BTS gossip? What a time to be alive, right? Now I’m off to watch the last four episodes! Aaack, can't believe this is it!

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