Steven Silva Transforms Negative Thoughts to Positive Vibes

Steven talks about his difficulty in speaking Filipino and his rumored insecurity with Enzo and Rocco.
  |  Oct 11, 2010
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Candy Cutie and Starstuck V Ultimate Male Survivor Steven Silva tells that he admits he gets hurt whenever he hears bad things about him especially when they question him being an "artista." Despite the negative write-ups, he gets up and tries his best not to let it get to him. He says, "I read a lot of these hurtful comments on the Internet, on the newspaper. It's pretty much a hard thing to swallow but I know that it's all part of what I got into."

Since Steven grew up in the States, he's having a hard time speaking in Filipino but he's trying his best to learn and be good at it. He also considers his 2 friends and Starstruck V brothers, Rocco Nacino and Enzo Pineda as his inspiration because they inspire him to be good with what he is doing.

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