Stephanie Poetri’s 'ILY 3000' Lyrics Have an Unintentional Tribute to This K-Pop Group

K-pop played a huge influence on Stephanie's music career.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Dec 29, 2020
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Singer and songwriter Stephanie Poetri first came into the music scene with her hit single "I Love You 3000" which is still making waves even in 2020. The song later on had a remix version under 88rising featuring K-pop idol Jackson Wang from GOT7. The song became a hit worldwide, but especially in South Korea where Stephanie won the Best New Asian Artist award at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards.


Fans of Stephanie would know very well that she's a K-pop fan, too. In fact, one of the songs that inspired her to learn how to produce is K-pop group WINNER's "Really Really".

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On Dive Studios' podcast with DAY6's Jae and AleXa, Stephanie talked briefly about how her love for the song led to her taking a music production class that later on resulted into "I Love You 3000". "The production quality was so good that I ended up taking a production class," Stephanie says of WINNER's song. "And then in that producing class, I came out with 'I Love You 3000'." You can check out the podcast here.

And if you've played "I Love You 3000" enough to make it your top song on Spotify, you'll probably notice that a part of the lyrics seem to be alluding to one of the K-pop groups she admires. The lyrics go, "Now we're getting dinner, and baby you're my winner." When we asked Stephanie whether it was it was an intentional tribute to the South Korean boy group that, in a way, inspired the track, Stephanie admits that it wasn't initially the intention, but that later on in her writing process, she noticed how it could have been taken as so.


"It wasn’t [intentional] but when I wrote it, it came to my mind that I’m saying 'winner,'" Stephanie tells Candy. "That was kinda funny. I didn’t mean to, but when I was writing it, it did pass through my mind the fact that it was related to WINNER."

Even though it wasn't a deliberate tribute, Stephanie is grateful to K-pop for its influence on her career. Plenty of K-pop idols have sang their own rendition of her global hit. Stephanie even made a video of her reacting to idols like EXO's Baekhyun, TWICE's Nayeon, Stray Kids' Bang Chan and Hyunjin singing and listening to her song.

Following her global hit, Stephanie is coming out with a new EP called AM:PM featuring the single "Selfish," which is already out and available for streaming on various platforms. For her new EP, Stephanie says her music still has that acoustic pop vibe that fans came to love, but she's also leaning more towards something "a little dark" compared to the music she's put out before. Read more about Stephanie's upcoming EP here.



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