This Would've Been Stephanie Poetri's College Major if She Didn't Pursue a Music Career

Making music wasn't her original plan.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Dec 24, 2020
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At one point, you probably had LSS over a song called "I Love You 3000". It was the song that launched Indonesian artist Stephanie Poetri to global stardom. In just a year, the 20-year-old has been hard at work on releasing new music, including a new EP set to drop in early 2021. 

Here, we had a conversation with the singer-songwriter about how they produced "Selfish" in the middle of a pandemic, her hit song "I Love You 3000", future plans of going to college, plus other things to know about her:

Stephanie is currently signed under 88rising.

After her hit song "I Love You 3000" reached worldwide fame, Stephanie Poetri Dougharty, better known as Stephanie Poetri, got signed by US-based record label 88rising. The label has been known for primarily putting a spotlight on Asian artists. Fellow musicians under the label include Joji, Rich Brian, and NIKI.

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Stephanie writes her own songs.

Prior to being signed by her current label, Stephanie wrote her own songs. Even though she's with one now, she still takes part in the behind-the-scenes of her music and works together with her producers on songs. 

Stephanie will be releasing her upcoming EP called AM:PM, one of the tracks being "Selfish", a song that was half-done when presented to her and was completed via Zoom. "It came to me half-done as a demo and so we decided to finish it together through Zoom," Stephanie reveals in an interview with Candy. "It was just one Zoom session where we called for about three hours and then we got it done. And once they had the production ready, I went into the studio and recorded it."

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On the evolution of her music from "I Love You 3000" all the way to her upcoming EP, Stephanie says, "From the start, I've always been into songs with very heavy guitar sounds in it and so most of my songs are mainly on the guitar. Now I'm into something that's a little more dark and not as bright as the ones I've put out before but still has that same acoustic pop vibe that I had since the start." 


Making music wasn't her original plan.

Even though Stephanie's mom is a famous pop diva in Indonesia and her dad is a music teacher, music was never Plan A for her. Stephanie took a gap year and around that time, she was in the process of applying for college. Initially, the singer was interested in taking Psychology for her degree.

During her gap year, however, Stephanie was also taking five-month classes for music production and halfway through it was when she came out with "I Love You 3000." The rest, as they say, is history. 

Stephanie would still love to go to college, but given the success and potential of her music career so far, she isn't sure when she'd be able to do so. If she does, she says she might do it online and maybe take a music-related degree like Music Production or Music Business. 


"I Love You 3000 II" could've included a rap verse.

Under 88rising, Stephanie came out with a version of her breakthrough single called "I Love You 3000 II" featuring Jackson Wang from K-pop group GOT7. As Jackson is primarily a rapper for his group, Stephanie initially did not know whether he would rap or sing for the collab. "It was very easy to work with him," Stephanie shares. "I didn't know what would happen, if he was gonna rap or if he was gonna sing, so when it came and he was singing, it was a very nice surprise."

She hopes to collab with other artists in the future.

Aside from GOT7's Jackson, there are other artists Stephanie would love to work with in the future. Given the COVID-19 situation, however, a potential collab might not be happening any time soon. "At this point I know it's really hard to collab with people because of everything. Me and Jae [of Day6] have talked about it a lot and there's also other people that I would love to [collab with], but in time!"


Stephanie has a Twitch channel.

The singer-songwriter recently opened a channel on Twitch so she could interact more with her fans. Even before the pandemic, Stephanie has always wanted to stream and now was the perfect time for her to start. The games she likes to play are Minecraft and Among Us.

Ever since she was young, Stephanie has loved playing Sims because of how players get to build their own homes. Now, the singer shares that Minecraft is one of her favorites because it also allows you to build structures. "It's really fun 'cause it's a mix of building and fighting and everything." Aside from games, Stephanie also does music-related streams like karaoke and writing songs.  


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