The Stages of Being in a Long Distance Relationship

Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower recently reunited, and we can't help but feel really happy for them.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 26, 2015
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Recently, Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins reunited in London after some time apart due to their projects. The Love, Rosie actress uploaded a few snapshots from their moments together going around in the city. They're clearly having the time of their lives ATM. We can't help but think about what they've been through in their relationship with jobs that tend to bring them in different places, miles away from each other. So we decided to do research and breakdown the different stages of being in a long distance relationship for you—in case you're in one or are planning to be in one any time soon.

 1  Dreading your time apart.

While both of you don't want to spend your time together thinking about the day you'll say goodbye for the mean time, you still do. You spend more time with each other just to make up for every single day you're separated, trying to be happy that at least you have a few weeks to be able to hold each other's hands and give each other the warmest embraces.


 2  Facing that moment when you need to say goodbye for now.

Then the day of separation finally comes. You've both conditioned yourselves that this day will arrive, but that doesn't make saying goodbye any easier. Tears are inevitable. You try your best to be strong for the other person and assure him that you'll survive the distance. The hardest part? The moment you let go after a tight, long embrace.

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 3  Dealing with a bad case of sepanx.

And this doesn't go away any time soon. You just need to deal with it every single day. There are days when it gets bad, but there are also days when it stays silent in the corner of your heart.

 4  Worrying and feeling uncertain about your relationship.

There are days when you have it bad and you question why you're even enduring this kind of relationship. You pick a fight with your bae even though you don't want to. You get irritated that he's not there when you need him or when you're looking forward to tell him something about your day. You argue with each other, cry over things, but in the end, the next stage happens.

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 5  Being reminded of the most important things in your relationship.

But of course you'll make it through. You always do. It just takes a few minutes to remind yourself why you're in that relationship in the first place. It doesn't get any easier after that, but it sure helps calm your heart.

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 6  Hoping for the best.

After each and every argument with your guy, you get back to your best selves and just hope that things will get better. You both stand by each other and stand by your commitment to stay in the relationship, and look forward to the day you'll both be together for as long as you want.

 7  Reuniting after a long time.

And then after months of being apart, nothing beats resting your head on the curve of his shoulder again, smelling that familiar scent of him that reminds you that you're finally home and you always have someone to welcome you into their arms at the end of a long day.


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