Spotted: Joe Jonas and Darren Criss in Milan

Watch the cuties charm crowds in the romantic city.
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Jun 22, 2011
photos via YouTube
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What a great week it must have been to be in Milan! Joe Jonas and Darren Criss recently flew to the Italian city and attended some of the Fashion Week shows.


In this short clip posted on Joe’s YouTube channel, where you can hear his new track “See No More,” watch him work out, attend the Calvin Klein show, and blow kisses to fans that came flocking to wherever he is.



Meanwhile, Darren squeezed in a trip to a Versace show in the middle of the Glee tour. We understood about five words of what he said in the video above, but who cares? That accent is just—as Darren would say—swoon sauce!

What are your favorite moments in Joe’s video? What do you think of Darren’s Italian accent? Tell us in a comment!

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