5 Things You Can Do On Spotify Aside From Listening To Music, Podcasts

by Mylene Mendoza   |  Dec 24, 2019
Image: pexels.com, Spotify
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Music is ~life~, and for many of us, it’s Spotify that has become our primary platform for streaming our favorite artists’ music. Aside from listening to songs—even podcasts—however, there’s a lot more you can do on the app. If you head to the ‘Search’ option of Spotify, you’ll find a bunch of other things to do on the app you never knew you could do, like learn a new language or finish an audiobook for free. Make your monthly premium subscription sulit and make the most out of the app! You can thank us later.

Listen to ASMR.

There’s an entire section on Spotify that’s dedicated to ASMR. You can find ASMR sounds of writing on paper, folding fabric, and even rain.

Learn a new language.

If you scroll to the bottom of the ‘Search’ section of the app, you’ll find the subsection ‘Word’ with playlists on tutorials of different languages. Brush up on your Spanish, French, German, and other languages while you’re on the app.

Finish an entire audiobook.

In the very same section, you’ll find various audiobooks of classic literary pieces like The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Play the audiobook in the background as you multi-task and improve your knowledge on classic lit.

Find concert tickets.

There’s also a feature under ‘Concerts’ that compiles all the music events happening within your vicinity on certain dates. Click on any that interests you, tap on ‘Find Tickets,’ and it’ll redirect you to a third-party website that provides access to tickets of your chosen concert.


Practice meditation.

If you’re into finding zen in the coming new year, there’s a category under ‘Wellness’ rightfully called ‘Meditation’ where you can play tranquil sounds as you ruminate your thoughts and channel your inner peace. There’s also a playlist for guided meditation in case you’re a newbie and need the guidance of a calm speaker. They even partnered up with the meditation app Headspace so you can access all sorts of meditation guides from the app, straight from Spotify.

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