Six Reasons Why You Should Go See Harry Potter

Welcome back the gang from Hogwarts this Thursday!
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Jul 15, 2009
photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
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We missed Harry, Ron, and Hermione! We were bummed that they postponed the sixth installment, but it's finally here! And if that's not enough reason to go out and watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, here are a few more:

  1. You're a true-blue Harry Potter fan. You plan to go see the movie in your Gryffindor scarf and your Harry specs. Don't forget your wand! So what if you know everything that happens from the start until the ending? The movie could still surprise you, you know?
  2. You can't wait to see the Quidditch match on the big screen. Go, Ron! Those games are always fun to watch.
  3. You want to see Harry ace his potions class with the Half Blood Prince's book. Who is the HBP, anyway?
  4. You love the dark characters in the movies and books and can't wait to see what Malfoy has up his sleeve this time. Or maybe in the cabinet?
  5. Ron and Hermione OTP (One True Pairing)? That you've got to see for yourself.
  6. Watch lovesick gals go crazy over Harry and Ron. Lavender Brown and Romilda Vayne ring a bell? Watch for a slightly drugged out Ron when he devours a charmed box of chocolates. Warning: lots of snogging in this film.
And hey, if you're not a fan, you'll still enjoy this movie—action, romance, mystery all rolled into two and a half hours! Load up on the popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the broomstick ride.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in theaters on July 16 under Warner Bros. Pictures.

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