9 Things to Know About Sharlene San Pedro

Sharlene is a huge fan of K-pop.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jan 9, 2021
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You may know Sharlene San Pedro from your childhood--back when cable TV was still a thing and the only program you were allowed to watch was Goin' Bulilit. Or you may know her from that famous meme that spun out of her feisty personality as one of the mainstays of the comedy program.

Either way, you'll be glad to know that Sharlene has grown to become a beautiful, well-rounded star who can run an entire show on her own. 

Below, a few things to know about the 21-year-old actress, host, gamer, and YouTuber: 

Sharlene started out through Star Circle Kid Quest.

Sharlene was only four years old back then. She’s been in the entertainment scene for around 16 yearswow! Her batchmates include fellow Goin' Bulilit stars Nash Aguas, CJ Navato, Basty Alcances, Aaron Junatas, and Mikylla Ramirez.

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Sharlene is also known for starting out through the children's comedy program Goin' Bulilit. She's still close with her fellow castmates, like Miles Ocampo, CJ Navato, Kristel Fulgar, and Nash Aguas.

Sharlene was a VJ.

In 2016, Sharlene officially became a VJ for music channel MYX. She continued her stint as a VJ for three years, where she introduced music videos, interviewed popular artists, and hosted the show's several segments together with her fellow VJs. 

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Sharlene can play the guitar.

She learned when she was 11 years old after their family driver taught her four chords. The rest, she learned to play by herself through watching YouTube videos. Aside from playing an instrument, Sharlene is also a recording artist. Some of her releases include "Paraan", "Stars and Caramel Bars", and "Pa'no ang Lahat".


Sharlene is a Psychology major.

Despite starting so early in showbiz, she’s taking her studies seriously. She balances her showbiz responsibilities and with her academic ones. She is currently a college student taking up Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at AMA Online University.

Sharlene is a huge fan of K-pop.

She is a fan of 2NE1, BIGBANG, and currently, BLACKPINKa true YG stan! Aside from these groups, Sharlene also likes the music of Red Velvet and Everglow.

Sharlene is athletic.

Sharlene is good at playing badminton, basketball, and volleyball. She was part of her school’s varsity team for the sport when she was in second year high school. Now, though, Sharlene considers basketball as the primary sport she's good at playing.


She’s been bitten by the travel bug.

She’s traveled to various places outside of the Philippines like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia, and she's vlogged about her many travels, too. If there’s a place she’d like to visit next, it would be San Francisco and Japan.

She plays Call of Duty.

Sharlene's got game, too. You can say she's somewhat of a pro when it comes to playing Call of Duty, especially if you've caught one of her video game streams on Sharlene San Pedro Gaming, which she hosts on her official Facebook page. 

She is not a morning person.

This is honestly one of the most relatable things about Sharlene: She once said in one of her YouTube videos that she could sleep in all the way until 12 noon. She is also more efficient when it's almost nighttime, so she usually works on her acads at around that time.


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