PSA: Your School’s Gmail Storage Will No Longer Be Unlimited by 2022, Here's Why

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by The Candy Staff   |  Feb 21, 2021
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Many universities in the country give their college students a specialized .edu e-mail for academic purposes. Some have taken advantage of this perk by using its unlimited storage capacity to keep school-related files and important documents. If you're one of these students, take note, because that perk will be seeing changes by the year 2022.

On February 17, Google announced that it is making some adjustments in the features of its G-Suite for Education, one of which is a change in policy for storage. Google originally provides unlimited storage to e-mail accounts registered under qualified universities or schools. But due to storage "not being consumed equitably within the institutions" and the increasing number of schools they serve, the new policy will be allotting 100 TB of pooled cloud storage per institution. According to Google, 100 TB should be enough to hold over 100 million docs, 8 million presentations or 400,000 hours of video.

Additionally, Google stated that it will get in touch in the coming weeks with institutions affected by this change in policy to discuss arrangements regarding the distribution of storage among its users. The new storage policy will take effect beginning in July 2022 for all existing accounts under the Google Workspace for Education, but it will take effect for new users at the start of 2022. 

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Aside from the revised policy for storage, other introductions to the G-Suite for Education (now rebranded as Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals) include increased security and  enhancements in Google Meet and Classrooms.


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