Sara Bareilles Wants You To Be "Brave"

Make life a little less intimidating by gathering up your courage to finally say what you want to say and be brave with Sara's new single.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Apr 20, 2013
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Sometimes nothing can be more frightening than being open about your mind and speaking up especially when you feel like you'll be judged—or worse when you're being bullied. But one of the messages in Sara's song is to be brave about it. Be honest and don't run away. The outcome is uncertain, admitted by the lyrics, "But I wonder what would happen if you, Say what you wanna say..." but better than keeping all your feelings and words bottled up inside which is way unhealthy, so give the inspirational song a try and help yourself or a friend be more brave!

What are you challenging yourself to be brave about? Spill in the comments below and encourage other Candy Girls to be brave too!

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