8 Fast Facts About Content Creator Ry Velasco

ICYDK, Ry was able to buy her first car at 22!
by Karla Gabrielle Trillanes   |  Mar 31, 2021
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Yes, you're right! We're back with another feature on your favorite Gen Z personalities. Last week, we shared everything you need to know about Ashley Sandrine Yap, and for today's article, we're doing a deep-dive on Gen Z YouTuber: Ry Velasco. This beautiful morena is the proud daughter of Olympian Onyok Velasco, but more than her showbiz roots, there's more you need to learn about her.

Get to know Ry Velasco with these eight fun facts that we know about her:

Ry’s full name is Mary Angel Velasco

Real Macarons (aka Ry’s term of endearment for her subscribers) know that her full name is actually Mary Angel Velasco. Ry’s real name totally suits her soft aura and angelic looks, right?

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Ry is the daughter of Olympian Onyok Velasco

ICYDK, Ry is actually the daughter of Pinoy boxing legend and comedian Onyok Velasco. He's famous for competing at the 1994 Asian Games, where he won a gold medal, and at the 1996 Summer Olympics, where he snagged a silver medal and was the only Philippine medalist at those Games. They're very close and he's appeared in a lot of her videos, the most recent one being their home renovation where Onyok led with Ry's engineer brother, Jay.

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Catch Ry’s super cute vlog with Onyok here:

Ry Velasco is a Libra

Ry was born on October 1, 1998, which makes her a Libra. People under this sign are known to be charming and fond of balance in their lives. She recently turned 22 and you can watch her quarantine birthday vlog to see how her family failed to surprise her. It's so funny!

Ry Velasco graduated from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde

Ry has been around on YouTube for quite some time now and if you’ve been following her for a while now, you’d see her college vlogs. In 2019, she finished her degree in Export Management.

Ry velasco is a proud morena!

Aside from the striking features, one thing you’d immediately notice when you see Ry is her tan skin. She’s been very vocal about her love for her morena skin and she even shares finds that suit others who share the same skin shade as her.


Just recently, Ry organized a personal photoshoot focused on her morena skin—the photos even had copies like Tan Talks and Morena Movement which further proves how comfortable she is with her bronzed complexion!

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Ry Velasco’s current color is an ash blonde balayage

It’s no secret: Ry’s current locks suit her morena skin. A few months ago, Ry got her hair done by Fendi George and according to her vlog, this is an ash blonde balayage. Now that we’re in quarantine, it’s good to opt for dye jobs like this as it’s not super high maintenance and continues to look great as it grows longer.

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Ry Velasco has good music taste!

Through her vlogs and social media posts, subscribers get a glimpse of Ry’s favorites. One thing that she’s fond of? Music! Followers are an absolute fan of her taste in songs and are constantly asking about the tunes she uses. From her outro songs to her everyday playlists, her Macarons are always discovering new music from her. You can follow her on Spotify here.


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Ry Velasco was able to buy her first car at 22!

One proud moment that Ry shared recently is buying her first car at the young age of 22. Because of her hustle and hard work, she was able to purchase a BMW X1. So inspiring, right?

Watch her vlog here:


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