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Bamboo tops the hit charts once again with their all original songs in their newest album Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday.
by CJ Alayon   |  Nov 16, 2008
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  1. Why is your album called Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday?
    Bamboo: It's actually a line from one of the songs in our album, "Little Child." We just want something poetic, something that could mean a lot of things to other people. I mean, that's sort of how we've chosen our titles in the past—like, "We Stand Alone Together," "Light, Peace, Love"that sort of open anything to interpretation, anything, same as the music, di ba? So, Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday.

  2. Where do you get your inspiration to create songs?
    Bamboo: Each other, I think. I mean, we've been playing 24/7. We live in this little bubble so we listen to each other, we see each other, and so we inspire each other. That's how it works.

  3. How long does it take you to finish the album?
    Bamboo: It took a while before we finally got into the studio. Pero when we got into the studio, siguro mga two months to three months lang.

  4. What's the difference of Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday from your recent albums?
    Bamboo: We've been living in a bubble so parang pareho parin eh. It's still the four of us (Bamboo, Ira, Nathan and Vic). The difference lang in this album, it's all-original. No session players, kaming apat nalang ‘to. You know, naka-lock lang kami sa isang kwarto, nag-uusap-usap lang.

    Ira: Siguro, the difference with the other albums, it's a different time, so it's a different state of mind.

  5. One of your singles, "Kailan" is currently hitting the airwaves. Was the song a sort of a call to the public?
    That's exactly what we want to happen na parang yung kanta open to interpretation. So, ikaw sinasabi mo sa akin kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng kanta sa 'yo. So, ako I'll just shut up, iiwan ko lang 'yong kanta as is lang. Ikaw, if that's how you see the song, that's good, that's perfect, di ba? We've done our job.

  6. How do you see yourself as a band, years from now?
    Bamboo: We don't know. We just try to live in the moment and try to take it, slowly lang.
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