Did You Know Robert B. Weide From Those Popular Video Memes Is A *Real* Person?

The popular internet meme is actually an Emmy award-winning director.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jun 23, 2020
Image: Curb Your Enthusiasm
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When you’re scrolling through your feeds, you’re bound to find videos with pretty random themes that would leave you saying, "OMG, what just happened???" You'll notice that these kinds of videos would conclude with the signature ‘Directed by Robert B. Weide’ end credits. Sometimes, it would even be followed by 'Executive Producer Larry David' in some clips, but almost always, it is accompanied by the show's comical background music called "Frolic" by Luciano Michelini. 


While these funny video memes are mostly posted on Facebook or Instagram meme pages, people have also made compilations of them on YouTube because they’re just that abundant. All you have to do is search for ‘Directed by Robert B. Weide’ and you’ll see various videos stitched together with the same end credits. And yes, there are even Pinoy versions of the memes to cater to our unique only-in-the-Philippines sense of humor. 

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Maybe you’re part of the population that proceeds to scrolling again after the video ends, not caring about who Robert B. Weide is and why he makes all these short, funny clips. Maybe you thought it’s just another ~internet~ thing where people make up all sorts of things and make it a trend. Or maybe you’re part of the few who know of Robert B. Weide and are actually familiar with Weide’s work, which does *not* include these funny videos flooding your Facebook timeline. (TBH, I resonate with the first, because I also did not know that Robert B. Weide is, in fact, a real director, let alone a real person.)


In case you also didn't know, the popular end credits is actually from the comedy TV series Curb Your Enthusiasm that aired on the TV network HBO. Brief background: The show began in 2000 and ran for eight seasons before being put on hiatus. It resumed for a ninth season in 2017 and continued on for another season in 2020. Weide served as the director and executive producer for the show’s first five years. In fact, he even won an Emmy award in 2003 for one of the episodes he directed for the show. So yes, he's, indeed, legit.

But how did his name end up becoming part of a popular internet meme? Well, no one knows for certain how and when it exactly started. But perhaps it can be alluded to the show's main character, Larry David. Yes, Larry David is also an actual person in real life. You may know him as the executive producer of another popular show called Seinfeld. In Curb Your Enthusiasm, David plays a fictional version of himself and his character can be described as someone who's likely to put himself in really awkward situations with the other characters on the show.


Since then, people have stitched the show's end credits to any video that seemed pretty normal in the beginning but soon escalates into failure, chaos, or humiliation, or something that's just generally awkward for both the subject and the viewers of the video. The meme became so popular on the internet that there's even a website called Curb Your Video which allows you to add the end credits to any clip you upload, in case you're not well-versed with any video editing apps but are still hoping to spawn your own version of the meme.


Weide himself explained how he found out about the popular internet meme in an article on the LA Times. In his story, he narrates how he tried to tell the internet that he wasn't behind those funny videos by putting a disclaimer on his official Facebook page. Still, that didn't stop people from attaching his end credits to funny clips to continue the trending meme. "It did no good," he said in the article. "Countless posts were popping up, referring to me as the 'Meme King.' Marriage proposals came my way as did inquiries for employment at my 'studio.'"

He even mentioned how an Instagram page dedicated to 'Directed by Robert B. Weide' memes has around 20 thousand followers more than his actual Instagram account. By now, the meme has gotten immense popularity that no amount of epxlanation from Weide can stop the trend. He's learned to accept the power his name wields in the realm of memes. On Twitter, he'll playfully jump on any joke made about the meme, but maybe except for that one time people started to claim that 2020 is directed by him because, well, you know why.



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