Riverdale Reminds Us That Real Friendships Are Messy But Worth It

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by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Feb 6, 2017
Image: The CW
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Only two episodes in and there's already so much friendship drama on Riverdale. It's realistic, if you come to think of it, because isn't high school, especially co-ed high school, bursting at the seams with hormones and feelings and knee-jerk reactions?

Friendships will always be complicated, but the real, lasting ones? They're worth the mess.

Betty and Veronica

New girl Veronica saw a kindred spirit in Betty and a chance to be a better person. She was crushing on Archie, "the red-headed Ansel Elgort," from the moment she saw him, but immediately joined Team Betty when she found out about Betty's feelings for Archiekins. When she became "possessed by the old Veronica" and kissed Archie, she was quick to apologize and make things right. Betty had seemed wary of V's aggressive friendship moves, but she was mature enough to see past her unrequited feelings and give V another chance. Sound familiar? We have a feeling these girls are the real endgame, just like S and B.


Betty and Archie

They've been inseparable since they were four years old, and it's going to take more than unrequited feelings to tear them apart. While we would rather that Archie didn't try to explain his platonic feelings for Betty by saying she's "so perfect" and he'll "never be good enough" (WHAT EVEN), we do appreciate his attempts to repair their friendship. It's interesting to note that even though they've been best friends for most of their lives, they still keep pretty dark secrets from each other. Guess even your closest buds can still surprise you, huh? 

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Archie and Jughead

It was also secrets that drove a wedge between these bros. Archie kept his summer fling with Ms. Grundy (yes, it's a thing here) from Jughead, but it didn't take long for the perceptive outsider to put two and two together. As it is with any secret, what hurts more is not the actual secret but the fact that the other person lied. Just talking about it would've gone a long way, Jughead told Archie. True enough, when they started talking again, even with raised voices, it led them to a place where they could not hug and do the bro thing where they nod like douches and mutually suppress their emotions. As friends, of course. 


Does the Riverdale gang remind you of some friendships? Stream the show on Netflix and share your thoughts with us!

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