7 Things You Might Not Know About Pro-Gamer Renejay

He's also a social media personality, content creator, singer, and business owner.
by The Candy Staff   |  Jul 18, 2021
Image: INSTAGRAM/renejay_barcarse
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Esports is gradually being established as a legit career path, with more and more players being recognized and compensated for their A+ skills. The local esports scene alone is teeming with top-tier talents. From popular video games like PUBG and Mobile Legends, the Philippines has a promising roster of talents from the various homegrown teams competing in today's esports leagues. One name on the leaderboards that would be familiar to both esports and ML fans is Renejay. 

Renejay, whose real name is Renejay Barcarse, is a Mobile Legends player who competes professionally in leagues. At a young age, Renejay has already accomplished quite a lot. Not only is he considered an esports star, but he's also a social media personality, streamer, singer, and business owner. Despite that, the ML player still has a lot he wants to get done in and out of the esports realm. Consider yourself a fan? Here are a few things you might not know about pro gamer Renejay:


Renejay is 18 years old.

It might be hard to believe because of all the achievements and successes he’s already earned, but Renejay Barcarse is only 18 years old. Renejay was born on May 26, 2003 and is the fifth child out of six children. To celebrate his 18th birthday, his siblings threw him a surprise birthday party at home with the rest of his family and relatives.

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Renejay is a pro Mobile Legends player.

Renejay is part of Nexplay Esports’ roster of talents and competes professionally as part of the NXP EVOS team. He is dubbed as NXP EVOS' Big Three players together with John Paul “H2wo” Salonga and Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera. He was scouted by ML pro Ako Si Dogie who noticed his name on the leaderboards.


Renejay has a YouTube channel.

Aside from competing professionally, Renejay also has a YouTube channel where he shares streams of his matches with other pro players and personalities in the country, as well as snippets of his daily life outside of being an esports star. He has 1.86 million subscribers as of writing.

Renejay is from Bataan.

Renejay’s hometown is in Bataan, where his family currently resides. According to an interview with Esquire Philippines, Renejay used to work at piggeries and earn P150 a day before he blew up in the local Mobile Legends scene. He would split his hard-earned suweldo by giving P50 to his dad and then spending the remaining P100 for load so he could play Mobile Legends.

Now that he's a Mobile Legends hotshot in the country and is earning more than he could have imagined at the tender age of 18, Renejay is dedicating his hard work to his family. So far, he was able to invest in renovating his family home and buy himself a cool ride (a red MG, no less!). On buying his first ever car, Renejay kept his family, particularly his mom, in mind. "Hindi na mababasa si mama," he shares in one vlog, pertaining to how his mom would get rained on whenever she goes to the market.


Renejay has released his own songs.

Aside from his esports career, Renejay has also broken into the local music scene as a singer-songwriter. Some of his tracks include "Sad Boi," "Umay," and "Harana." On why he decided to do music despite having a flourishing esports career, Renejay says in an interview with ANCX, "Kasi nandito na ako sa posisyon [na madaming nakakakilala sa akin], so ipapakita ko na lahat ng talents na kaya ko. Ayokong pagsisihan sa huli kung di ko nagawa ang gusto ko."

Renejay has his own clothing line.

The 18-year-old gamer also has an entrepreneurial side to him, and has already taught of business side hustles to pursue. He came out with his own clothing line called Baka Renejay 'To where fans can buy his streetwear-inspired merch. Interested customers can buy from his clothing line through Shopee.


Renejay's restaurant is called Z Barbecue Inasal.

Another business venture Renejay decided to pursue is a restaurant. Together with his family, Renejay opened Z Barbecue Inasal in Orion, Bataan.

Despite having two booming business ideas already, Renejay shares in one of his vlogs that he constantly thinking of his future and how he can further invest the money he's currently earning. According to him, he also plans on buying a plot of land for him and his family in the future.

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