Reneé Dominique Has the Most ~Sosyal~ Video Content You’ll See on TikTok Today

"I'm going to Siargao this weekend with a bunch of my high school friends!"
by Cass Lazaro   |  Nov 18, 2021
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Tiktok/heyimreneedominique, Instagram/heyimrenee
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Another day, another TikTok star to watch for. Racking up over 1.9 million likes on the Gen Z-dominated social platform, chances are you’ve already stumbled upon Reneé Dominique’s ~conyo girl~ skits.

The 23-year old content creator dishes out entertaining videos we can’t stop binge-watching, from portraying a college girl with that *expensive* Conyo accent to imitating a fictional Kardashian sister based in Manila.

Ngl, Reneé impresses us with her on-point content, but it’s worth noting that she has also dominated another video platform as a ukulele-playing singer-songwriter! Currently, she has over 1.4 million subscribers and 250 million views on YouTube. Impressive!

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Wanna see why this rising social media star is going viral? Here’s a roundup of her most ~sosyal~ TikTok videos you have to check out:

Reneé Dominique’s Viral TikTok videos

1. Judging by Reneé’s raven-black hair, plump lips, and sculpted look, it won’t surprise us if ever she has a drop of Kardashian blood in her DNA.


To those of you who commented on my videos saying i give off Kardashian vibes^ #fyp #kuwtk #kardashian #tiktokph #foryoupage #conyo #conyotiktok

? original sound  - Reneé Dominique

2. A *conyo rich kid* in the PBB house? We’d definitely root for this girl! 


your new favorite housemate has arrived and she has 0 tolerance for bad ugali???????????????????????? #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #pbb #conyotiktok #pinoybigbrother

? original sound  - Reneé Dominique

3. “Tita, how much is the tax when you buy Chanel and you have it shipped here?” Yup, just a regular convo topic among the ~elite~ titas and daughters of Manila during brunch.


love a good brunch with the titas & titos of Manila at Blackbird #fyp #conyotiktok #foryoupage #foryou #tiktokph #tiktokphilippines #viral

? original sound  - Reneé Dominique

4. Is Siargao the new BGC? “You know influencers who live there? It’s such a trend noh?” As Reneé puts it, it’s the perfect mix of party and island life!


no cap this is the type of conversations i overhear during dinner at bgc #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #siargao #tiktokph

? Elevator Music - Bohoman

5. …and also where the *genetically-blessed* are reportedly at.


did i lie tho #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #Siargao #conyotiktok #tiktokph

? original sound - mad

6. Using an iPad as a protest placard? #JustRichGirlThings


all for fun don't come at me. #fyp #conyotiktok #foryou #upd

? Bagsakan - Parokya ni Edgar

7. Is it just us, or does she have that *main character vibe*?


i romanticize everything i swear #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #tea

? Ylang Ylang - FKJ & ((( O )))

8. Reneé's speaking skills have also reached an international level.


i present to you my Strayan accent, again i look like crap but dont mind that #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #aus #conyoseries #conyotiktok #tiktokph

? original sound  - Reneé Dominique

9. Tbh, we've got mad respect for folks who can count their money in straight Tagalog.


Then you don't wanna ask the person beside you pa coz it's embarassing ???????? #tiktokph #tiktokphilippines #fyp #foryou

? Am I dumb - Rama

10. We all know that Instagram is a goldmine for lots of delicious finds, and for Reneé, this is where she gets a popular street food favorite, taho!


It’s really good but ofc nothing beats OG street Taho but its so hard to catch a kuya who passes by our block ?? #fyp #foryou #conyotiktok #conyo

? Ylang Ylang - FKJ & ((( O )))

Oh, and in case you’re wondering if Reneé is a real-life conyo girl, she also made a TikTok video using her normal conversational tone. She speaks fluent English, but admits to having a conyo accent sometimes too!

@heyimReneédominique i think its abt time to properly introduce myself! ???? and this is also for everyone who wants to know i really talk LOL #Fyp #foryou #conyotiktok ? Pure Imagination - Rook1e


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