6 Fast Facts You Should Know About Rei Germar

This 25-year-old influencer has over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube.
by Leika Golez   |  Feb 22, 2022
Image: Instagram/reigermar
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Just recently, YouTube was declared to be the third most visited website in the Philippines. Knowing this, it’s no wonder that plenty of Filipinos choose to pursue a full-time YouTube career instead of a typical corporate job. Case in point: Lifestyle vlogger Rei Germar has over 1.5 million subscribers after 5 years of posting content on the streaming platform. Given her large (and very loyal) following, you’ve probably already heard of this 25-year-old beauty and fashion influencer. But just in case you haven’t, here’s a quick refresher on what you should know about Rei. 

6 Fast Facts About Rei Germar

She studied Communication Arts in college. 

In a previous Q&A video from 2017, Rei shared that she graduated from college when she was 20 years old. She said that she went to Miriam College to study Communication Arts, a course that she was very passionate about. Because her blockmates were competitive and talented, Rei pushed herself to take her studies seriously. Her efforts all paid off when she finally made it to the dean’s list during her very last semester in school. TMI trivia: She also once mentioned that she loved using the bathrooms in Miriam College because they have bidets, LOL! 


She started her YouTube channel as a hobby.  

At first, Rei was only uploading YouTube videos because she enjoyed fashion and beauty (she was even one of the OG fans of Bethany Mota and KathleenLights). She was planning to be a corporate employee after college, but she changed her mind when her first-ever Divisoria haul boosted her online numbers. Unlike her initial videos, this one was more candid and spontaneous—almost as if she was just talking to her viewers as close friends. Since then, she decided to grow her channel with casual and relatable vlogs about her personal life. FYI, that four-year-old video is now one of her most popular videos at nearly 900,000 views! 

Rei has been dating her boyfriend for seven years now. 

Rei is in a long-term relationship with Migy Romulo, a fellow content creator on YouTube. Although they first met through Instagram, they only started chatting with each other after matching on Tinder. They used to only talk about shoes since they were both sneakerheads at that time, but Migy eventually asked for her number. From there, they talked to each other every day and even did school work together (context: they took the same college course). They officially reached their seven-year relationship milestone last December, and we couldn’t possibly be happier for them! 

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Rei has three siblings. 

If you’re a loyal subscriber, you’ve probably already seen the cameos of Rei’s siblings in her vlogs. In a past video, Rei shared that she has two brothers and one sister. Her eldest brother Rocky graduated from University of Santo Tomas, while her other brother Ram went to culinary school. Currently, they’re both working in the field of petroleum. Meanwhile, Rei’s younger sister Ann is an architecture student at the University of the Philippines - Diliman. BTW, Ann gets featured the most in her vlogs because they enjoy baking together. Like other Filipino siblings, they express their sisterly love by bickering a lot and playfully calling each other masungit. Bonus fact: Ann actually uploaded YouTube vlogs of herself when she was only 9 years old, and the cringe-y content is the funniest thing you’ll see in a while. 

Rei is a self-confessed foodie. 

Rei has said it herself before: Malakas siya kumain. Whenever she travels, she doesn’t mind skimping on the accommodation and the commute, but she always has to spend on food. As someone who loves to eat out, she claims that she spends about 80 percent of her travel expenses on food alone. She also loves to upload food-related videos like mukbangs, grocery hauls, and restaurant vlogs. 


Rei became financially independent right after college. 

Rei started her channel when she was a junior in college, so she immediately registered as a self-employed worker after graduating. Since then, she stopped asking her parents for money. That means she covers all expenses for her videos, from weekend outings and food trips to room revamps and shopping hauls. She also doesn’t hesitate to spend on extravagant gifts for her loved ones, like a Hermes bag for her mom and a PS5 for Migy.


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