Rabiya Mateo Opens Up About 6-Year Relationship with Her College BF

He's her first boyfriend.
by The Candy Staff   |  Nov 3, 2020
Image: INSTAGRAM/rabiyamateo
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Winning the Miss Universe Philippines pageant is only the beginning for 24-year old Rabiya Mateo, but the proud Ilongga already has an impressive resume, from graduating high school as first honorable mention, best in communication, and performer of the year from Saint Candida School, to being a licensed physical therapist. She attended Iloilo Doctors' College and graduated cum laude.

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Handling all her responsibilities can definitely get overwhelming, but it looks like Mateo has found an ideal partner in her boyfriend of six years, Neil Salvacion. (via PEP.ph)

She's her first ever boyfriend, and they met in college.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News' Dyan Castillejo, Mateo revealed that one of the reasons she feels confident about their relationship is that Salvacion is understanding of her busy schedule and supports all of her dreams.

“May ara na ko migo. hahaha. 6 years na po.


“Buenas man ako sa iya. Actually proud gid siya ya noh.

“Pero gina-intindi ya gid ko subong. Like the busy schedule.

“Gina-intindi ya nga wala na ko masyado time para sa iya."

She also reminds him that despite people saying that her winning the crown could lead to a breakup, she will always stay true to her roots, because she knows that she had him even before the fame that came with her new title.

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"Ang kailangan lang gid namon ni-remind nga even before the fame, I had him already.”

“Damo gahambal nga ang iban mabreak man na after having the crown.

“But we will make sure to work things out. If it's true love, it will never end.”

Mateo also shared that her boyfriend is a nurse, which means he probably has a busy schedule on his own anyway. Either way, we're definitely rooting for SOs who encourage you to spread your wings, don't ever settle for less, #GenC!


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