Previously On… 16 Shows Coming Back This January

Recaps and sneak peeks to kick off the midseason!
  |  Jan 9, 2014
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January may mean you're back to waking up early for school (boohoo), but it also means going home to your favorite TV shows (woohoo!). Happy midseason return!

The Carrie Diaries – Mondays, 8pm on ETC

Kyddshaw is finally a thing again, but can they survive a long-distance relationship?

Elementary – Mondays, 9pm on Jack City

The brilliant Natalie Dormer is back as Irene Adler (the love of Sherlock’s life) a.k.a. Moriarty (Sherlock's arch nemesis). Talk about a love-hate relationship.

Pretty Little Liars – Wednesdays, 3pm satellite/9pm primetime on ETC

Alison is miraculously alive, and EzrA is still creeping around.

The Big Bang Theory – Wednesdays, 7pm on JackTV

Sheldon tries to come up with the ultimate no-fail joke. Also: Penny x Leonard shippers must tune in!

Ravenswood – January 10, 8pm on ETC

Miranda is still dead, but maybe not for long because the comeback episode is titled "Revival."

Teen Wolf – January 10, 10:40 pm on beTV


The good news: Scott and his friends have managed to make it to junior year even with their abysmal attendance record. The bad news: Creepy Uncle Peter is back and a pack of alphas are out to wreak havoc in Beacon Hills.

Super Fun Night – January 14, 9pm on ETC

Featured Video

Ashley Tisdale returns as Rebel Wilson's cray-cray sister.

New Girl – January 15, 7:30 pm on ETC

The new year brings in a new job offer for Jess and everyone helps her decide whether to take it or not. Because they're tight like that.

Modern Family – Wednesdays (most likely starting January 15 since the US premiere is January 8), 8:30 pm on 2nd Avenue

A double birthday party for Manny and Joe–they grow up so fast!

Modern Family


How I Met Your Mother – Thursdays (most likely starting January 16 since the US premiere is January 13), 8:30 pm on 2nd Avenue

The gang welcomes the new year with a bang, literally, with Marshall's "Slap of A Million Exploding Suns."

Hart of Dixie – Fridays (most likely starting January 17 since the US premiere is January 13), 9pm on 2nd Avenue

Wade is dating Zoe's cousin and Zoe's not happy about it. I'd pull out the girl code card, but everyone dates everyone in Bluebell.

The Originals – January 18, 8pm on ETC

Klaus has his throne and bestie back, but all is still not well: Davina is working on removing the compulsion he placed on his beloved Cami.

The Tomorrow People – Saturdays (most likely starting January 18 since the US premiere is January 15), 8pm on JackTV

The good guys continue fighting the good fight—sometimes with not-so good results.

Arrow – Sundays (most likely starting January 19 since the US premiere is January 15), 8pm on JackTV


Oliver's old friend turned nemesis resurfaces. Dun dun dunnn.

Beauty and the Beast – January 21, 7pm on ETC

Vincent does what he does worst: beast out.

The Vampire Diaries – January 28, 8pm on ETC

Happy 100th episode! This one's all about human!Katherine, who's dying of old age. The attention should offer some consolation, at least.

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