You’ll Savor Every Delicious Page In This Pop Fiction Book

The President's Son is one book that's worth the indulgence.
by Jean San Juan Geocaniga   |  Dec 25, 2020
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If you’re looking for a book that’s like a light, satisfying snack, The President’s Son is an entertaining read that’s worth a look. Written by Wattpad author MatildaBratt, it also contains some amazing pages with absolutely mouthwatering descriptions about all kinds of food. So if you’re a foodie who’s also a bookworm, this might be the paperback you’re looking for. 

Let our book review of The President’s Son tell you why. 

What The President’s Son is all about

After spending almost her entire life being overweight, bullied, and told what to do, Samantha’s finally taking control. She has studied abroad, lost weight, traveled the world, landed herself a promising career in Singapore, and her boyfriend has just proposed to her. Everything seems to be perfect, only she can’t get married to her boyfriend, because she’s actually engaged to another man—the president’s son. 


How did that happen? Well, when she was a teenager, Sam’s father was diagnosed with cancer. In a desperate move to find someone to look after his young daughters and secure their future, her dad had arranged for her to marry Adrian, the son of her dad’s BFF (who was still a senator then). They even had signed contracts and all! When her dad passed away, Sam ran away, thinking she could escape that responsibility, only to be haunted by her past.

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But now she’s back in the Philippines, with a new name and a whole new look. She’s now the personal chef and nutritionist to none other than the first lady—Adrian’s mom. Her plan is to earn the first lady’s trust through good food… and then ask her to terminate her contract so Sam can marry whomever she wants. But can she resist the charms of Adrian, who has become hotter than she remembered, with Thor-like long hair and perfect abs?  


And then she finds out that there are forces that are beyond even her control. How will she be free to live her own life now? 

Why We Like This Book

You’re probably thinking, An arranged marriage? Not again! But before you diss that trope, Author MatildaBratt not only serves up some juicy tension between Sam and Adrian, but also offers up something unique. As the story goes on, the author writes about delicious dishes to set the mood as the story unfolds.

For example, to get ready for her mission of gaining the trust of Adrian’s mom, Sam prepares a cozy breakfast fit, for a first lady: avocado toast, turkey bacon, omelet, french toast, or a banana smoothie. Or, after a heated argument with Adrian, we find Sam preparing some prawn curry, as fiery as her feelings at the time. Bitter moments would naturally call for some ginisang ampalaya. Other days, the menu’s as humble as chicken soup or as boujee as a lobster sandwich. 


One of our favorite parts comes when she tries making macarons. Samantha considers this dish her nemesis, as she keeps failing at it. Adrian helps her out and encourages her, which is such a sweet gesture coming from him after days of pestering her. Sifting the almond flour, tapping the bubbles out of the batter, smelling the cookies as they bake in the oven, and finally sinking your teeth into the crunchy outer crust of the macaron down to its chewy center—MatildaBratt describes each step in the process with such precision, it’s almost as if you’re in the kitchen yourself. Yum.

The Verdict

With a little digging into MatildaBratt’s profile, we found that she, indeed, loves to cook. When an author writes about something close to her heart, it shows in her work… just like it does in this book. It feels very natural and unpretentious. Though the plot can be as predictable as a four-course meal, the twists will still keep you turning the pages way past your bedtime. Even her characters feel authentic—flawed and vulnerable like the rest of us. The way Sam and Adrian bicker and exchange lines doesn’t feel contrived either. It’s all just so delightfully kilig. #chefskiss 


The President's Son and matildabratt's recent collaboration Sonnets About Us are available as an e-book and paperback on The Summit Books shop on Shopify, Lazada, and Shopee. Grab your copy now!

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