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by Chinggay Labrador   |  Apr 25, 2017
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When you're bored out of your wits by your standard Spotify playlists or are suffering through hours of traffic on the road, there's nothing more entertaining than tuning into a podcast. There's a wealth of informative and interesting radio shows out there that make you feel like you're listening in on a cool conversation or even talking to a friend. Whether you're looking for a productive way to spend an hour or want to boost yourself out of inevitable summer boredom, these gems are perfect listens worth your phone's extra memory.

  1. Ladies who Lunch with Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes

YouTube creators Ingrid Nilsen (known for her lifestyle and beauty videos) and Cat Valdes (artist and gamer) discuss relevant topics that empower women of all ages. Feminists in their own right, Ingrid and Cat tackle everything from relationships, social phobias, sex and more, all with a sense of humor and a willingness to share their own personal anecdotes. PS: They also share what they're munching on every episode, which will make you want to get off your seat and grab a bag of hot Cheetos.

Shows to listen to: Episode 52, Reconciling with an Ex; Episode 48: The Bitter Feeling of Being Betrayed

  1. The Rookie Podcast with Tavi Gevinson

Who doesn't love wunderkind Tavi Genvinson? The phenom behind the independent online magazine Rookie, has recently joined the podcast game by delivering Rookie-relevant content to listeners worldwide. Every episode is chockfull of interviews with actors, artists, musicians and more. With interesting segments like "Ask a Grown" (where Tavi solicits sound advice from trustworthy grown-ups), "Life Skills" (which discusses super practical advice like "never settling for less") and starter kits to initiate you into your next new hobby (love the astrology breakdown), this podcast keeps all Rookies well-informed and well-rounded.


Shows to listen to: The Year of Emotions, Feat. Lorde and Hilton Als; Be Proud of Who You Are, Feat. Ibtihaj Muhammad and George Saunders

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  1. Perfectly Imperfect with Christine and Regina

Christine Chen and Regina Fang are big advocates of the Asian American community in media, but are also overall just supporters of women in general. Listen to these two dish it out about friendship, family, relationships and school—they're insights make you feel like you've got an older sister hearing you out through the good, the bad and the ugly parts of growing up. Bonus, Christine is taking one-on-one calls with listeners to help spread the good vibes no matter what crisis you’re gong through.

Shows to listen to: Why is Everyone Else so Perfect?; Friendship Status: It's Complicated

  1. Disney Princess Deathmatch

Think you're too old for Disney Princesses? Think again, as these two friends pit every official Disney Princess against each other to see who takes the trophy as the absolute best. Hosts Liz and Sarah take things very seriously when it comes to the competition, judging each princess according to strict criteria: aria (their signature princess "I Want" song), animal companions, outfit, and even how they would fare in a hypothetical zombie apocalypse. See if your princess of choice actually makes it up the deathmatch ladder and find out who the eventual winner is!

Shows to listen to: Moana (Disney Princess Deathmatch Special); Anna & Elsa and the Final Restults

  1. Dear Hank & John

You may know the Green brothers from their Vlogbrothers YouTube videos (Reviewing for a science or history test? This is an excellent resource!), or perhaps you're a fan of John Green's books... In any case, Hank and John make for a fun listen when you're in the mood for some curious trivia or some all out laughs. Every week, the duo takes in questions from listeners and with a very staunch disclaimer that all their advice is actually "dubios," attempt to answer everything from serious relationship questions to inquisitive inquiries ("Where are chicken's ears located? Why don't I see them?). Each episode starts off with a reading of a short poem and ends with a deep and thorough update on each of the brother’s passions: what's happening on the planet Mars and AFC Wimbledon.

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Shows to listen to: "Life is Hard and Also Has Good Things"; "The Kindness Muscle"

  1. Modern Love

If you've ever followed a link to one of The New York Times' Modern Love essays, you know that this series will provide thought-provoking, heartfelt and sometimes gut-wrenching true stories about love and all its many facets. Every week, an essay is read by an actor, artist, or notable personality and is followed up by updates on the essayists themselves. With this audio version of the popular column, you aren’t just left with a satisfying end to every read, but with a "what happens next" interview to clue you in on life after love.

Shows to listen to: "In a Small Bag"; "The End of Small Talk"

  1. The History Chicks

If you've gotten a bad rap from your parents for sitting around aimlessly and doing nothing, you can show them that you're actually increasing your brainpower when you've got your headphones on by listening to this educational podcast. On every episode, Beckett and Susan tackle the life of an important female figure in history, tracing her family tree, figuring out what made her famous, and ultimately what led to her untimely end. Whether you're an actual history nerd who loves herself some biographies, or are just plain curious about people like Marie Antoinette, Joan of Arc or Zelda Fitzgerald, this podcast will lead you down a rabbit hole that will make you realize just how important women are in running the world.


Shows to listen to: "Frida Kahlo"; "Mulan"

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