Where You Can Stream Peque Gallaga Movies Right Now

Meet one of the most influential men in Philippine cinema.
by Ysabel Y. Yuzon   |  May 8, 2020
Image: YOUTUBE/Cinema One, INSTAGRAM/solenn
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It's a week of mourning for the film industry, as veteran director Peque Gallaga passed away on May 7 at 76 years old. Many celebrities, producers, and creatives quickly took to social media to pay tribute to the man behind classics like Oro Plata Mata (1982), Batang X (1995), and more.

Throughout his career, Gallaga paved the way for many directors who had big dreams in a challenging industry. Many celebrities' careers were launched into stardom after starring in his films--Anne Curtis' daughter is even named Dahlia, her character's birthname in Gallaga's Magic Kingdom: Ang Alamat ng Damortis (1997) movie, co-directed with Lore Reyes.


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To learn more and see the actual work of Peque Gallaga, here are some available films we found on local streaming sites:


Shake Rattle & Roll III

Role: Director

Stream on: iWant Premium

A trilogy of horror stories is out to spook and baffle viewers out of their seats. In "Yaya," a young couple hires a mysterious nanny for their baby. In "Ate," a young woman discovers that her dead sister has been made alive again. In "Nanay," a student unwittingly brings home the egg of a horrible alien monster from a beach field trip.

Magic Kingdom: Ang Alamat ng Damortis

Role: Director

Stream on: iWant

Damortis was once a peaceful and beautiful land until the day the reigning queen was ruthlessly murdered by her wicked and ambitious brother Basilicus (Mark Gil). Under Basilicus' evil rule, Damortis fell into depression with its people left in misery. Luckily, Princess Dahlia (Anne Curtis), heir to the throne, was rescued by Amain (Jun Urbano) and his three faithful warriors Jobert (Jason Salcedo), Samuel (Junell Hernando), and Oman (Janus Del Prado). For now, Jobert, Samuel and Oman must begin their journey back to Damortis in order to help Princess Dahlia reclaim the throne and restore peace in the kingdom.


Magic Temple 

Role: Director

Stream on: iWant, Digitally Restored version on Premium

Samadi, the world that is maintaining the balance in the magical and the human world, is threatened as it falls into destruction under the cruel hands of the wretched Ravenal (Jackie Lou Blanco), a greedy and powerful sorceress who wishes to rule both worlds. Samadi's last hope for salvation lies in the hands of three young boys; Jubal (Jason Salcedo), Sambag (Junell Hernando) and Omar (Marc Solis) - warriors who have been trained by Sifu (JunHernando), the legendary magician from Samadi. With their powers, Jubal, Sambag and Omar journey to Samadi to restore peace and vanquish the evil Ravenal once and for all.

Oro Plata Mata

Role: Director

Stream on: iWant, Digitally Restored version on Premium

Synopsis: An aristocratic Spanish family caught in the throes of World War II in the Philippines has to make an escape into the jungle to survive the invading Japanese. Will the family be able survive their own internal conflicts, let alone the four years they must hide out during World War II?



José Rizal

Role: Archbishop Bernardo Nozaleda, OP

Stream on: Iflix

Synopsis: Jose Rizal's life and works are recounted through a series of non-linear flashbacks which reflect on various aspects of his life - as writer, propagandist, lover, friend, brother, doctor and the man that inspired a revolution.

Ang Anak ni Brocka

Stream on: YouTube

Synopsis: A a group of investigative journalists who scored a controversial scoop when they find a 20-year-old boy claiming to be the son of the late National Artist for Film Lino Brocka. When they have started gathering data to verify this, they discover a lot of things about the late filmmaker-much more than they expected.

Pak! Pak! My Dr. Kwak!

Role: San Pedro

Stream on: iWant

Synopsis: A doctor (Bea Alonzo) tries to learn the secret of a faith healer (Vic Sotto) while an exiled angel (Zaijian Jaranilla) tries to help the faith healer become a better man.



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