This Student Content Creator Shares How Much She Earned From Making YouTube Videos In A Year

It's honestly a pretty decent amount for extra income!
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 26, 2020
Image: YOUTUBE/ Nisa Nuggets
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You probably already have an idea just how many figures big-name celebs like Alex Gonzaga make from churning out YouTube videos. Have you ever wondered how much a regular YouTuber (like maybe yourself if you ever want to try content creation out of pure curiosity) would make though? This student-slash-content creator shared her honest earnings from uploading YouTube videos while being a full-time Nursing student, and it’s honestly a pretty decent amount for extra income!

A content creator who goes by Nisa Nuggets shares that she first got monetized on YouTube in June 2018, and for that month, she earned $6.70 (which is roughly P350).  Given that she wasn’t consistent in uploading videos, her ending balance by the end of July 2018 was $49.43 (around P2,500). By June 2019, though—a full year after being monetized—her balance was $1,029 or P51,450. (Note: The YouTuber mentioned that she did not cash out her earnings since being monetized, so the ending balance is an accumulated amount.)


She also says that because she’s a full-time student and only really considers YouTube as a hobby, she isn’t a consistent uploader and doesn’t get enough time to plan out and execute the content lineup she hopes to produce, so given her situation, sobrang okay ang ipon niya galing sa YouTube. Check out her video here:

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If you’re interested to start your own YouTube channel, here’s how you can get monetized, according to the YouTube Partner Program policies:

  • Make sure your channel follows our policies and guidelines.
  • Have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours.
  • Make sure to have only one (1) AdSense account.

Your YouTube channel will still be up for review to check if your content follows the platform’s guidelines and will usually take one month after you reach the subscriber and public watch threshold.

Learn more about the YouTube Partner Program here.


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