Park Shin Hye Might Be Coming Back to the Philippines as Often as We Want Her To

So much good news from the Doctors star!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jul 31, 2017
Image: BENCH
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Hallyu idol Park Shin Hye stopped by Manila again recently to meet some of her fans for her Flower of Angel Tour at the Araneta Coliseum, brought to the public by Philippine retailer BENCH. Of course, we got a bit crazy about this girl whom we only saw on Korean dramas like DoctorsThe Heirs, and Pinocchio.

During her meeting with the press, the actress revealed a ton of things that we should know about her and about her third visit to Manila!

  1. Her fans played a big role in her coming back to the country.

Shin Hye explained, through the program's host Sam Oh, "The first time she came here was back in 2013. That was the first time she got with her fans. Ever since her first visit, she noticed that there were a lot of comments from her Filipino fans on social media accounts inviting her to come back to the Philippines and [meet] with the fans. She's been excited to come back here and do exactly that."

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  1. Her skin care routine is very basic!

According to Sam, Shin Hye said that "the most important thing are the basics, like cleansing and skin care. Whether you have makeup or not, if you have healthy and good-looking skin, everything follows."

She also added, "During the summer, because she has fair complexion, she tans quite easily, so she takes extra care [to] protect her skin. She also makes sure that she's always moisturizing and, of course, sun screen is always important."


  1. She'll come back to the country as often as she can.

ICYDK, Shin Hye is busy with philanthropy work when she's not busy shooting movies and TV dramas. And she's building a project center for that here in Manila, which means we'll probably see her in the country again after this! 


Explaining about this to Sam, Shin Hye said that "she started in Ghana, but Ghana is so far away [and] it would be hard to visit and see the kids that [she's] helping out. She was wondering how she could help out kids at a location that was more accessible and closer to Korea.

"While she was wondering about this, she heard from a Korean preacher who's living in the Philippines. The preacher suggested that there's a community here that she can help out, which fit perfectly in the criteria that she was looking for—close to Korea and she can come visit often and help out at the same time." What an inspiration!

  1. We will be seeing her in a movie, as a lawyer, this November!

We know you miss seeing her on screen as much as we do. The good news? "She just finished shooting a movie in May and this will be opening in November. The last time you saw her on screen, she was [playing] a doctor; she'll be transforming into a lawyer this time," Sam explained.


We did a bit of researching and it's for the movie Silent Witness, a remake of a Chinese crime film. It's about a rich businessman's daughter who's accused of his fiancée's murder. Of course, he hires a lawyer to clear his daughter's name.

So interesting because we've seen Shin Hye play lawyer for this very emotional scene above in Miracle in Cell No. 7 to clear her dad's name. How exciting!

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