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Meet All Of Park Seo Joon's K-Drama Leading Ladies

They're talented, charming, and mega-successful as well!

The name Park Seo Joon would, without a doubt, ring a bell to both K-drama OGs and newbies alike. The 31-year-old actor has risen to superstar status in recent years after starring in back-to-back-to-back hit dramas. Admit it, even your mom or tita crushes on him, right? Yup, PSJ has become HUGE in the Hallyu world. But his success in dramas isn't only attributed to him alone, of course! His K-drama leading ladies are talented, charming, and mega-successful as well. Curious to know who they are and what they're up to right now? Here's what we know about Park Seo Joon's seven K-drama leading ladies:

1. Uhm Jung Hwa (A Witch's Love, 2014)

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What's her role in the drama? In the noona romance, Uhm Jung Hwa stars as 39-year-old Ban Ji Yeon, a highly driven and hardworking reporter who's given the nickname "witch" by her co-workers. After being left by her fiancé days before their wedding, Ji Yeon didn't believe she would fall in love again until she meets 25-year-old Yoon Dong Ha (Park Seo Joon).

What's she up to now? Being the seasoned performer that she is, Uhm Jung Hwa has the liberty to be picky in the projects she chooses. After filming A Witch's Love, Jung Hwa has only starred in one drama, 2017's You Are Too Much. Her upcoming action comedy film, Okay Madam, will be released in August this year.

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2. Hwang Jung Eum (She Was Pretty, 2015)


What's her role in the drama? Hwang Jung Eum stars in this rom-com as Kim Hye Jin, who, as a child, was one of the prettiest and most popular girls in school. After her family'S publishing business goes bankrupt, Jung Eum somehow also ~loses her beauty~ as she grows up. When her childhood friend Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon) asks to meet up years later, she decides to stand him up because he's grown up to lose all the fat he was teased for when they were young.

What's she up to now? Post-She Was Pretty, Hwang Jung Eum starred in a slew of dramas: Lucky Romance (2016), The Undateables (2018), and the current Netflix fantasy series Mystic Pop-Up Bar with Yook Sung Jae and Choi Won Young.

3. Go Ara (Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, 2016)


What's her role in the drama? Set during the Silla Kingdom, Go Ara plays the role of Kim Ah Ro, an optimistic and opinionated ~half-breed~ (born with an aristocrat father and servant mother). She ends up falling in love with a handsome and skilled knight (Park Seo Joon).

What's she up to now? Go Ara's fame definitely rose after Hwarangshe starred with Kim Myung Soo in Ms. Hammurabi (2018), and Haechi (2019) alongside Jung Il Woo. In 2020, she made a cameo appearance in Hospital Playlist and will be starring in a new drama, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, with Lee Jae Wook.

4. Kim Ji Won (Fight For My Way, 2017)


What's her role in the drama? Kim Ji Won stars as Choi Ae Ra, a girl with humble roots who dares to dream big. All she's ever aspired was to be a TV announcer, but, as we all know, life sometimes gets in the way of our dreams. But with the support of her childhood best friend Ko Dong Man (Park Seo Joon), who also has dreams of his own, she fights against the odds to grab every opportunity that comes her way.

What's she up to now? Fight For My Way was Kim Ji Won's first lead role after her breakthrough performance in Descendants Of The Sun (2016). She was given another chance to headline a drama post-Fight For My Way in the big-budget fantasy series Arthdal Chronicles (2019), alongside her DOTS co-star Song Joong Ki.

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5. Park Min Young (What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?, 2018)


What's her role in the drama? Sick and tired of toiling as narcissistic Vice Chairman Lee Young Joon's (Park Seo Joon) longtime secretary, Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) leaves her boss stunned as she tells him of her resignation out of the blue. He chases after her to stick to her job just as long as he finds her replacement. What transpires between them during this time isn't just formal office relations, but a deeper and more intimate connection between would-be lovers.

What's she up to now? Our girl Park Min Young has been killing it in the Hallyu scene after her role as Secretary Kim Mi So. She got the chance to headline two more dramas: Her Private Life (2019) with Kim Jae Wook and When The Weather Is Fine (2020) with Seo Kang Joon. She's also crossed over to YouTube and recently launched her own channel JustParkminyoung.

6. Kim Da Mi (Itaewon Class, 2020)


What's her role in the drama? In the webtoon drama, Kim Da Mi is the mega-talented 19-year-old social media influencer Jo Yi Seo. After several random encounters with the highly ambitious Park Saeroyi (Park Seo Joon) around Itaewon, she makes it her mission to help him with his new bar, Dambam, by presenting herself as their new manager.

What's she up to now? Itaewon Class just wrapped up earlier this year, but prior to the drama, Kim Da Mi worked on two films released in 2018: the crime thriller Marionette and action-mystery flick The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion. She's set to star in the Korean remake of the Chinese film SoulMate.

7. Kwon Nara (Itaewon Class, 2020)


What's her role in the drama? Yes, this Park Seo Joon has TWO female leads in the drama because you don't find out who he ends up with 'til the very end! Kwon Nara stars as Saeroyi's first love, Oh Soo Ah. Even after bearing witness to how Saeroyi's life was destroyed by Jangga Co., the conglomerate his dad worked at, she still took the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have her education subsidized by them. Years later, she becomes one of the most promising employees of Jangga Co. and bumps into Saeroyi in Itaewon.

What's she up to now? Before she landed her role in Itaewon Class, Kwon Nara starred in the 2018 legal drama Your Honor and 2019 medical drama Doctor Prisoner. She's currently in talks to star in a new historical drama, New Secret Royal Inspector.

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Today, I am sharing my mother's story. I wish my mother was a constant in my life, like an angel who guards you to sleep and comes right there when you called. But angels come back home too, in heaven where they always belonged, and my mother went back a little early. My mother died when I was 13 years old. My last memory of my mother: Letting go when you are not yet ready is a very cruel thing that one has to ever experience. It is a sudden wave of total sadness and desperation crashing into your very core.

On the 28th of July 2013, we went to a resort in Bataan for the employees’ getaway. My parents own a 7-11 franchise, and it had always been a tradition to give their store clerks a get-together every year. I remember very well the last breakfast I had with my mother. The Sunday morning sky was clear and sunny, and the sea was calm and tranquil as we ate our breakfast on a cottage under the tall palm trees. She shared with us a strange dream she had the other night. She dreamt about an unknown woman holding an ice pick chasing her down on a dimly lit street, then she woke up just before the woman could grab her arm. We never knew what that dream exactly meant and now, I wished I never knew its meaning. After breakfast, my family and our employees decided to take a swim at the beach. The day was nice. The morning air may be chilly but the sun’s kiss on our skins gave us warmth. It was perfect. Everything is fine and the tides are low which made it very enjoyable to swim. We swam a little farther from the shore and we stopped to the point where the water reached our shoulders. We were talking about the good things in life and reminiscing the good old days. Those are the things that I’ve always loved about my family because I never had a meaningless conversation with them.

A few moments later, we heard a panicking call for help from one of our store clerks. It was Rachel. She was struggling to keep her head above water. She was already drowning but the odd thing was, she was only a few feet away from us. At first, we thought she was just playing around until we felt the sand in our toes dissolving like powder. It felt like as if the seafloor submerged deeper. I remembered sighting the shore and it seemed so close yet very far away. We were all panicking at that time. No one knew how to swim except my mother so without having second thoughts she swam towards Rachel and called out to my father, “Yung mga anak mo! Dalhin mo sa pampang yung mga anak mo!” and I never thought I already heard my mother’s last words to my father. I was paddling like a dog, gasping for air, as I say a little prayer to God to take us all back to safety. I felt my father grabbing our swimsuits, trying to lift our bodies so we can breathe even though he was also struggling to keep himself alive. Once I felt my toes touch the ground, there came a veil of relief that covered my whole body. As soon as my father and my sister made it to the shore we started calling out for help. There were no lifeguards on duty at that time, no personnel, nor guards. I saw my mother already floating in her stomach. We sighted a boat sailing nearby, we waved our hands and called for their attention. They almost ignored us because they cannot comprehend what we were trying to relay but the good thing was a passenger in the boat noticed my mother and Rachel in the water.

My mother’s body was laid on the shore. She was unconscious and her whole body was pale as white. My father performed CPR but my mother couldn’t get the water come out of her mouth because the food she ate earlier got stuck in her throat and blocked the passage. A concerned tourist offered his car to deliver my mom in a nearby health center or a clinic of some sort since the hospital was miles away from the beach and she needs immediate care. My father told us to stay in the hotel room and prepare mom’s belongings so that if she wakes up she has fresh clothes to change into. My sister and I finished packing our things and waited for our father to pick us up from the hotel. I was crying and I couldn’t stop myself because I was afraid to lose my mother. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be if I lose her that day. Moments lasted until we heard a knock on the door and it was my father, crying, and apologizing to us. He hugged me and my sister tightly and saying, “Sorry, anak, sorry hindi na uuwi si mommy, sorry hindi ko nasagip si mommy”. And that was the moment I felt sinking into the ground. I never knew what to feel at first. I was numb because my worries were now actually a reality that I have to live in. I was at shock because I am now one of the kids in those cliche teleseryes who lost a mother at an early age. We went to the health center to settle everything. The clinic was very small and it sure did lack equipment. He told us to stay in the car. I wanted to see my mom, but I know he never wanted us to see her like that. I didn’t know what to feel. I was having high anxiety levels that my stomach is churning and I wanted to vomit. I got off the car and entered the health center to find the restroom. When I was finding my way around, I passed by the emergency room. I saw my mother lying in a foldable bed, lifeless, her hands dangling from the side of the bed, she has violet bruises on her skin, and her body was partially covered with a white towel.

That is when it sunk into me that she’s dead and never coming back. My father asked the others to just commute back to Manila because what we need right now is comfort from our family. The drive back home was one of the most painful memory I had as a kid. My father was in the steering wheel crying his eyes out. We drove from Bataan to Pampanga. We went home to my grandmother’s house, the nearest house that we can call “home” because how are we still going to be “home” without her?

Once we reached Pampanga, we stopped over to the gas station and my father made some calls to our loved ones to tell them that my mother passed away. He then called my aunt to help him arrange for the funeral. We got home and my grandmother hugged us and told us to get some rest. Already tired of crying, I went to sleep for a while. I woke up and for a second, I thought everything that happened the other day was all just a dream. That she was there in Manila, sitting on the couch reading some furniture magazine, waiting for us to go home. But that’s how cruel life is, right? I got up and weirdly, I felt sands in the bed. It was gray, just like the ones on the beach. I thought maybe it was just dirt but it was a fair amount to believe that maybe she visited us before she left. - ?

- The part of how I conquered the grief of her passing is shared in my personal blog. I felt the need to share my story with everyone since she's the woman I look up to. Feel free to visit my personal blog too when you have the time. I love writing my stories. Thank You! link:

Ry Fabella Just now

Hello! Sharing my first story in Wattpad!

TITLE: Whisper to the Stars AUTHOR:

GENRE: Teen Fiction/Romance STORY LINK:

Description: Ingrid Gianna "Gigi", a breadwinner of her family, has kept her feelings hidden for Hayme, her long time high school crush, because she has too much responsibilities in life; believing that she has no time for love. But, no matter how hard she tries to suppressed it for years, fate always finds its it was already written in the stars.


College is a Matter of Survival. It is more on trusting and relying on YOURSELF, alone. College is not a race, it's like a journey, a journey of hardships, circumstances, and challenges that, to some extent, will push you to give up, so you must set your goals and take risks. College is far from being a junior or senior high school, so there's no more room for easy-going attitudes.

It is better to suffer now than to regret your actions in the future. I've learned these things and continue doing it right now. College made me realize that you'll meet temporary people in your life, some of them stay, but others not, they vanish, and soon you become strangers to them. It's okay to make friends, but you must know how to set your limitations with them. Also, don't forget to think wisely, there are some whose only seasonal friends. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you accompanied each other, and still, you have yourself. Being alone doesn't mean you avoid people coming into your life, it's just that, you know how to distance yourself from people you don't feel to get along with, and that's OKAY. The thing about college is, you'll meet different types of people who will help you to open up your mind to be more matured enough to the point that you will become more understanding rather than start an argument. There's nothing to be afraid of being alone, you just need to accept the facts and consequences.

Little by little, you will witness yourself develop from how much you've grown, and be grateful for that because you overcome those situations that trigger you to give up. I share these things with you that may be applicable to your upcoming college life and leaving this message to you. 'Don't hesitate to take risks to success, it will be paid off someday. Let God help you and do your very best.' #CollegeSurvival

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