Cara Delevingne Talks About Paper Towns and Playing Margo in the Movie

It's about time you meet the actress who plays the elusive character in the movie.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jul 14, 2015
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There's no doubt that 2015 is Cara Delevingne's year. Aside from endorsements and magazine covers, Cara also bagged the role in the highly-anticipated movie adaptation of another John Green novel, Paper Towns. The model-actress takes on the role of the elusive Margo Roth Speigelman, love interest to his neighbor Quentin Jacobson which is played by Nat Wolff. And like John Green, we think Cara is perfect for the role. He couldn't have stated the reason any better. "She's an intense, fun, person and a very good actress," he said. "One of the reasons that Cara is so good in the role is that like Margo, she understands how frustrating it is to have people making broad conclusions about you based on very limited information." Speaking of limited information, we're not going to let you walk into the cinemas and watch this movie without any info about this 22-year-old star.

 1  Cara sees a bit of herself in Margo.


"I was nothing like her at the age that she is in the story; she is a lot more mature than I was. But I do identify with Margo a lot in terms of the way she is living in the present and not really thinking about the future and just doing what seems right at the time. I also identify with the way she is having fun and causing chaos. I never try to cause chaos and nor does Margo. She creates a strong reaction all around her without even meaning to do that. She is very opinionated and so am I. She's a bit of a leader and an individual, who is on her own wavelength and isn't following anyone else's rules. Margo doesn't know who she is and that's the best bit about her. She is on a road of discovery trying to figure out who she is. She's not about to let anyone stop her from doing that.”

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 2  The scene that stood out for her? Prank night.

"One of my favorite bits of the film was the prank night, when Margo takes Q all over town to get revenge on her boyfriend. I had to do my own stunts. I got to climb up a massive tree and into a window, it was such fun. Watching a car getting wrapped in cellophane from head to toe and then spray-painting all over it was fun, and hanging out in a supermarket until four in the morning was great. We did lots of funny things like playing hide and seek. Every single prank was hysterical. Making the film was one of the best experiences of my life. It was almost too much fun. We all cried when it was over, and I miss everyone every day."

 3  Cara can't watch herself onscreen, so she doesn't really understand how charismatic she is oncam.


"I don't try to have charisma. When I am acting, it's not something I am forcing. I am just being Margo. I have always been very over dramatic! I know that when I look at myself on the screen I do not like what I see. I can't watch myself, I am my own biggest critic."

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 4  For her, Q is Margo's opposite.

"She doesn't really see who Q is. She's the opposite of him, because he plans everything while she lives in the moment. She can see that he is doing everything for his life in the future, which she thinks is stupid. He is not enjoying himself right now. She has known Q for a long time, since they were children, but she has no real reason to get him back in her life until she needs his help. Then when they get together, she wants to change him and make him realize that he does not have to act like an old man. She wants him to see that he is a teenager. Doing this film reminded me how young I am and that I am still a kid at heart, we all are."


 5  Margo is a very relatable character for Cara because people idealize her too, and that happens a lot to anyone.

"I think that happens a lot to boys and girls, no matter what age you are. You think someone is a certain way because of what you see from the outside and then you get to know them better and you're like "Oh, I was wrong, that is not who they are." I remember having idols when I was younger whom I thought were amazing, then meeting them it was always such a let down. Q has created a fantasy idea of Margo and over the years he has been dwelling on this fantasy that wasn't realistic. A lot of people like to project their ideas of who they think Margo is onto her, which I guess people do to me too. The difference is that I'm a public figure and she's a girl in high school."


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Watch Cara take on the role of Margo in Paper Towns, set to premiere in Philippine theaters on July 22.

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