#OTWOLHotseat: 3 Relationship Lessons From Leah's Dad That We Should Keep In Mind

Better listen up because the head of the Olivar family has spoken.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Oct 23, 2015
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So how did last night's On the Wings of Love episode perform? Let's just say that the trending topics on Twitter were all about it. There's the show's offish hashtag #OTWOLHotseat and then "Tatang Sol" (Nadine Lustre's character's father played by one of the country's best actors Joel Torre), "Clark Medina," "mahal nga kita eh," and "go Clark" which all refer to James Reid's character after he said it out loud and told Leah's dad that he's fighting for their marriage. Leah, you're one lucky young lady. Ya$$$!

Anyway, last night, the head of the Olivar household has finally spoken and shared a few lessons on relationships and commitments with all of us. We're listing them down here so we can all bear these things in mind for our relationships and our future commitments.

 1  "Ito lang ang tanong: Mahal mo ba si Clark? Mahal mo ba ang asawa mo?"


There are moments when we think too much about a lot of things. What we fail to realize is that most of our questions really have the simplest answers. Who or what does your heart beat for? Once you know what you truly want, everything else will follow.

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 2  "Ibigay mo lang ang puso mo sa taong kaya kang panindigan at mahalin ng buong-buo."

Preach, Tatang Sol! Keep falling for the wrong guy or do you have a big heart for the bad boy? Maybe it's about time you memorize these words. Find someone who's worthy of your love by looking at how much effort he's willing to exert on you and your relationship.

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 3  "Dahil nilalayo mo ang puso mo sa pag-ibig. Kaya wala kang sigla. Hindi ka masaya. Ang pusong hindi umiibig, unti-unting namamatay. Wag mong hayaang mangyari yon."

You may have had your heart broken and hurt before but no matter how hard it is, never give up and turn your back on love. You just have to know that while some things don't really work out, there are also some things that do. And that maybe, just maybe, some things are bound to fall apart so that some things can also come together.

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Were you able to catch last night's On the Wings of Love episode? Let's talk about it in the comments! :)

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