#OTWOLFightForLove: How Do You Make People Stay?

A few thoughts and some feelings thanks to last night's On the Wings of Love episode.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Oct 7, 2015
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How do you make him stay? Can you really make him stay?

You can try, but you can't. He has choices to make and decisions to stand for. Because sometimes life happens and our hearts can get in the way. So let him walk away, let him go when he loosens your grip from the hands that used to answer back to your touch. Let him have his taste of freedom even for a day, a week, a month, a year and remind him how life before you feels like. But have faith, have faith that when he senses the void, the space from where he deleted you from, his loss, he'll come back. Because he'll see that you're greater than the depth and width of all the spaces he begged from you.

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You can't make him stay. You just have to let him open his arms, stretch his legs, and take the first of a thousand footsteps away from you. Because sometimes, he has to find his way—figure out how to make it through his own life. Because sometimes he has to happen before love happens, and you just have to put your hands together and pray. You just have to pray that, while he's walking and taking different roads in life, one of his turns is the road that will lead him back to you and that by then, he's ready to take the first of a thousand footsteps to stand by you.


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You can't make him stay. You just have to trust in him, put your faith in all the ups and downs, mornings and nights, and sunshines and gloomy days you've both shared, and hold on to the fact that—in the words of Lea and her mom—if he really did love you, he'd come back for you.

Kapag mahal ka, babalikan ka.

And if and when he returns, you're still at the end of the rough road waiting, then you know it's meant to be. That you're meant to be. That your names were etched in stone. And maybe this time around, just maybe, you can hold each other's hands and take that walk again in life. Together.

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Did you watch On the Wings of Love's episode last night? What are your thoughts? Let's talk about our feelings in the comments, because we always love hearing from you. :)

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